The Last Hour

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George A. Romero’s “Day Of The Dead” Heavy Rock tribute program.
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2 hour “popup program” separate from Eclectic Pandemic. No scene/Mixes/Relentlessly swallowing your soul!!!

The Last Hour can pop up anytime, and you'll never really see the last hour coming at you until it just plain rocks your socks off. Now you are lying safely in bed and you say. "Hmm. It was an ok day today, and it was a long one so I'll just lay down here and check out the radio for a while.  The Last Hour loves when you do this. Count the sheep and doze away. But little did you know. You didn't know. The.....Last.....Hour's grudge. The insidious lie. 

Now you are paralyzed by distorted guitars, swooping synths, blasting beats and drum machines. The Posession has taken over. You submit. 


The Last Hour may backstab you. You just may think to yourself that the synths and tones were so beautiful last week on that newer program The Last Hour that you just can't wait for it's next appearance. The last hour is willing and capable of digging it's hooks into you and deciding for you that listening to ambient is out of the question.

Your worst fear of that fast, screaming, annoying, distorted death metal is becoming a reality like dripping water torture.

There is only one promise The Last Hour warns you of. That is to shred through the set list as quickly as possible when it comes to metal. Pound your system better than your cd's for rap, Force feed noise into your brain that it just swallows your very soul.

OK.. Truly though, I hope you enjoy this program as much as I do making it. 
My only goal is to play what I like to hear. Hopefully you can dig that! If not it's only because I sold my soul to the last hour. Carry on with peace and love and unity and respect. 




KBOO Stream 1
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Hour Of The Dead (Metal TLH 1)

Airs at: Fri, 06/18/2021 at 10:00pm - Sat, 06/19/2021 at 12:00am
"Hour Of The Dead" features many bands from up and down the I5 corridor. Some Retired but not forgot from the past. Others rocking steady today. Gaytheist, Mercy Ties Curlupanddie, Playing Enemy, Harkonen, Botch, Russian Circles, Between The Buried And Me, Animals As Leader... Read more

Original Lost Hour Soundtrack.

Airs at: Sat, 05/29/2021 at 10:00pm - Sun, 05/30/2021 at 12:00am
The Last Hour has been approved by The Boo Program director!  as a “pop up program” ! That means as much quality mixing that I can get away with will be aired!! But your ears never spared.  This first program is an onslaught of non stop electronic madness, softness, sadness,... Read more