Starting March 13, all in-station KBOO classes and trainings are suspended


Current volunteers: Check your email for info on online-only classes to help our volunteers learn how to record and edit their programs from home. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


To sign up for the following trainings, you must first attend a volunteer orientation. 

Our next volunteer orientation will be held:

To be announced at a later date

 If you have already been to orientation, and would like to sign up for any of these trainings, or discuss which trainings you need, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator

Please see our volunteer page for more about volunteering, and attending the orientation.

While trainings are free to active volunteers at KBOO, we do require that you volunteer for eight-hours for each training you schedule.




Introduction to Audio Production

Learn your way around the KBOO Studios, how to use a mixing board, a microphone, and an audio source, how to do a phone interview, and how to use our production facilities. This is the very first production training you should take, and it is required for all future training


Monday April 13th, 6:30 - 9:30pm with Ken Jones

Sunday April 19th, Noon -3pm with Ray Bodwell

Saturday May 9th 2-6pm with Randall Rego

Sunday May 10th, Noon -3pm with Ray Bodwell

with Marc Wiener

withTim Nakayama

Listening session for Audio Production Homework


In this class we listen to the homework required in the Intro to Audio Production class, and talk about KBOO values for creating audio content. We also go over a few basic organizing tips for producing radio programs

Saturday March  21st, Noon -2 pm with Randall Rego
Sunday April 26th, Noon -2 pm with Randall Rego
Saturday May 16th, Noon -2 pm with Randall Rego
with Layla Kanaan

Legal Training: FCC and other Legal Restrictions at KBOO

This is a required class for all on-air volunteers. You will learn all about FCC regulations — like indecency, slander/libel, payola/plugola, and other laws that apply to KBOO.


Sunday April 5th, 2-4pm with Azia Hawthorne

Saturday May 9th, 3-5pm with Azia Hawthorne

Regular Trainings

Board Operator Training

Friday April 3rd 4-6pm, with Ray Bodwell

Friday May 1st 4-6pm, with Ray Bodwell

Friday May 15th 4-6pm, with Ray Bodwell

Friday May 29th 4-6pm, with Ray Bodwell

Set up one on one, contact

You will learn the ins and outs of the Air Room, as well as how to communicate with the program host, how to cue music, etiquette for putting calls on the air, how to be prepared for emergencies, and much more.

Beginning Digital Editing

This class is the general introduction to the Adobe Audition Program. You will learn about file management, about digital editing, and how to upload your work onto the KBOO website, and how to download audio and edit it for KBOO airplay.

Monday May 11th 6:30 - 8pm with Ken Jones

PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to Studio and Audio Production and Listening Session

Advanced Digital Editing

Thursday March 19th 6-7:30pm with Matt Clark

Thursday April 16th 2-3:30pm with Matt Clark

Tuesday May19th 6-7:30pm with Matt Clark

Learn how to use the multitrack functions in Adobe Audition, and make spots for KBOO on-air promotions.


PM News and Public Affairs Orientation

with Althea Billings and Tammy Habteyes

This training will provide you a crash course in News and Public Affairs production at KBOO. Over the hour, we will cover our philosophy, our expectations, how it all works, and how you can get started with us.

Tuesday, March 10th, 5 - 6pm with Althea Billings and Tammy Habteyes

Receptionist 101

Learn how to confidently staff the front desk at the station. The front desk acts as a busy hub for the station, connecting hosts and guests, volunteers with classes, and musicians and artists with the greater community. 

(You do not have to be a current volunteer to attend this training)

Tabling Team 101

Learn how to support KBOO through outreach at community events and join our tabling and outreach team!

Interviewing Techniques for News & Public Affairs

Friday, March 20th from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm with Jenka Soderberg

Interviewing techniques – the art of the interview.  It’s more than just putting a microphone in front of someone!  Learn how to prepare for your interview, how to phrase your questions, and audio techniques for maximum effect. This training is aimed at news and public affairs volunteers.

Writing for Radio

Thursday, March 19th from 12 to 1:30 p.m. with Althea Billings

You will learn how to effectively write new copy for radio: intros, outtros, what to avoid, how to write copy for anchors, and the basics of voicing into microphones. Prerequisite:NEWSROOM ORIENTATION.

Field Recording

We will focus on using the Zoom Recorders that  KBOO has available for field recording.  You will learn the check-out and check-in procedure for equipment,  how to put your new audio on the computer for editing, and tips for getting the most out of your field recording.

Friday, March 27th, 6 - 8pm, with Sam Bouman

Friday, April 24th, 6 - 8pm, with Sam Bouman

Friday, May 29th, 6 - 8pm, with Sam Bouman

News Anchoring and Announcing

Monday, March 16th from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.m with Althea Billings

We'll learn how to read the news, and how to sound good while on the microphone. We'll talk about how the news is organized then watch the half hour Friday news, and answer questions you have about the process.

Public Affairs Programming Essentials

Discuss some of the basic elements that are essential to quality public affairs programming, both in technical skills and in compelling content. We will be sharing Tips, Pet Peeves, and learn how to do Critical Listening Evaluations.

Introduction to Podcasting

with Erin Yanke

Learn how podcasting at KBOO is different from Broadcasting at KBOO. Learn how to set up your podcast, what your rights and responsibilities are as a KBOO podcaster, and more!

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

with Matt Clark

In this class, you will learn the basics of video editing with Premiere - Setting up the project folder, Importing the video clips, graphics, and audio into the project, Assembly (syncing audio to video will be in this part), Editing and Effects, Adding subtitles and credits, and Rendering

The KBOO Website for Programmers

A brief look at how and why you can create compelling program episodes, embellish program pages, use social media, and otherwise promote your program to your public.

Hip Hop Past, Present, Future, and your place in it

with Mic Crenshaw

Explore Hip Hop History locally and nationally including the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan, KBOOs Hip Hop Programming and on air battles, How Hip Hop influences art, culture and political consciousness, How struggles for liberation have contributed to Hip Hop Culture, and skills including Concert production and promotion, Networking, Studio training for radio production and digital production, Rhyme writing techniques for style, authenticity and success, and more

Introduction to Engineering

Learn what the Engineering Department does: ensures the highest quality broadcast transmission from the on air talent to the listener.  You’ll learn what we do, and basic engineering concepts to explore the technical side of community radio

Wednesday April 1st 6-7pm with Mike Johnson and Arthur Rizzotto

Evaluating KBOO Programming

During this training you will learn about our new system for volunteers to help us conduct evaluations at KBOO. You’ll learn How to not use the evaluation form and minute per minute form, Music vs. PA vs. news program evaluation, How to access assignments, how to access audio to evaluate, and about Objectivity and opinions relating to  KBOO’s mission, vision, programming charter

Music Library Orientation

Learn how our library is organized, how we add music to our collection, and get involved in archiving our live music and creating the library database.

with Erin Yanke

Live Music Mixology: How to Mix and Broadcast Live Bands

You will learn how to mix and broadcast live performances in the KBOO studios.

with Arthur Rizzotto 

Prerequisite: Introduction to Audio Production, Audio Production Listening Session, Legal Training

Introduction to Collectives at KBOO

with Karen James

Whether forming a new KBOO Collective or joining an existing one, this class will introduce the current Collectives at KBOO and explain how they function, discuss membership requirements, insure that KBOO values are observed, and serve as a resource from established KBOO Collectives.

News Production

with Ray Bodwell and Doug McVay

Learn how to produce the KBOO Evening News alongside some of our best! The role of the news producer is to oversee the construction of the news from scratch. Learn the anatomy of a newscast, how to project coordinate in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment, copy edit, and support volunteer anchors leading up to and during the live newscast in this full-length course that spans the duration of a typical day of a news producer.

Prerequisites: Newsroom Orientation, Intro to Audio Production/Listening, Beginning and Advanced Digital Audio Editing, Writing for Radio

Social Media Team Orientation

Help build and maintain KBOO’s presence on social media, by being part of our growing social media team of volunteers:  livestreaming in-studio music performances and off-site events, and using  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive traffic to our website, and more!

with Jenka Soderberg 


Social media familiarity and usage, computer skills, ability to navigate the internet and conduct online research.


Photography experience a plus, graphic design experience is also helpful, some knowledge of current events and/or local music scene also a plus.

Live Remote Broadcasting

Learn about Engineering setup, mixing, and Board Operation for broadcasting away from KBOO studios - Live Remote Broadcasting! Get the training to be part of KBOO’s Live Remote Team!

Prerequisite:Intro to Audio Production, Legal  Training, and the Listening Session.

Live Remote Producing

Learn about producing a live remote broadcast - from preparation of artist binders and content for the Announcers, to planning interviews, to live event management.

Get the training to be part of KBOO’s Live Remote Team!

Prerequisite:Intro to Audio Production, Legal  Training, and the Listening Session.

Occasional Trainings

Introduction to the KBOO Archival Database

Learn how to use KBOO's archive database to find news and public affairs programs from the 1960s! You will learn about our database, how to edit information, and how to nominate items for digitization.

with Marti Clemmons

Long-form Interviewing

Learn how to conduct a long form interview - the half hour to one hour focus on cultural affairs and public affairs llike author interviews.

Participants must have already done some news interviews or other radio interviews.

with Kathleen Stephenson

Pitch Producer Training

A Pitch Producer’s role is to ensure that throughout the on-air fundraiser its intent is clear to the audience, the messaging is effective and focused & goals are met. You will learn how to keep pitching clear and effective, and learn how to best communicate that to the Pitchers.

One on One Training Classes

Introduction to Social Media

Nathan Bachelder will provide one on one training for those with little or no social media experience, or those who have personal accounts and want to learn the basics of social media for promoting your radio show.

Beginning Digital Editing

Sean Steward can provide one-on-one support for digital editing problems on  the Adobe Audition Program.