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A People's History of Music

A People’s History of Music is a podcast to be produced by Eric Isaacson and Erin Yanke, with help from Rebecca Gilbert. The podcast will focus on significant moments in the history of recorded music from the point of view of those with less power: usually the musicians. ... Read more

Activists Mobilizing for Power 2019

This Podcast was recorded at the Activist Mobilizing for Power conference in Spokane Washington.   Read more

Albina Jazz Festival 2018

sets and interveiws from the Albina Jazz Festival Read more

Anything But Ordinary

Anything But Ordinary is the new podcast series from Third Angle New Music. The podcast features the freshest music, ideas and interviews in the new music world. Hosted by Third Angle's artistic director - Sarah Tiedemann - Anything But Ordinary will be your portal to a mus... Read more

Between Us

  General Interest. Science, politics, literature, popular culture, comedy, arts & music, etc.   Read more

Bright Spark

  Bright Spark is a podcast about harm reduction. In this podcast series we interview people doing the bold, innovative, and necessary work that is saving lives and fighting against the stigmatization of drug use and drug users.       Hosted by Alec Dunn - nurse and har... Read more

Century Of Lies

Produced for Century Of Lies
  Century Of Lies is a weekly half-hour show focused on drug policy reform and the failed war on drugs. The show explores public health, criminal justice, social justice, and other policies related to drugs in the US and abroad, and includes news reports, commentary, int... Read more

Dine' Bila'ashla'ii - Human Beings with 5 Fingers

  ---> Our Mission is: To bring you the voices of Dine'tah—to create a shared vision for the world we want to live in. And inform and inspire YOU into action. “You are the change you've been waiting for”. We will create a forum where we can learn together, define our ... Read more

Down the Road apiece with Count Doowop

A Retropsective of much of the fine  music created from 1945-1965. This includes mainly doowop (group harmony) with some blues, jazz, pop, gospel sprinkled throughout.  Read more

File Under:

KBOO DJs review albums that are new to the KBOO library! Read more

Funny You Should Say That

  Need a larf, mate? Try this. Here are a bunch of comedy sketches created and performed by Radio Station KBOO FM's very own Inert Gashouse Gang -- Larry Andrews, Martin Dodge, Ken Jones, Rolf Semprebon, and whomever else we could inveigle into recording this kind of stuff... Read more

Get Trekked

Produced for Get Trekked
A sometimes classy, maybe trashy take on the Trek community all along the west coast with hosts Godiva Lee and Josette DeTour.    Read more

I See You

The first series of I See You starts out in a rapidly changing inner city of Portland (OR), as an immigrant on a gentrifying block records her neighbors for a year. Redlining and reparations, boozy block parties and neighbor noise, too much damn construction, very loud crow... Read more

Irresistible Revolution

Make no mistake: what we are experiencing is nothing less than a revolutionary moment. Today, the Black Lives Matter movement, which started in 2013 and builds upon centuries of Black liberation work, is the biggest uprising since the 1960s' Civil Rights Movement. Across t... Read more

Island Earth Radio

It Did Happen Here

In the 1980s, before gentrification, before Portlandia, Portland, Oregon was a sleepy city that existed outside of the national spotlight.  Skinheads had always been part of the local punk scene. In the late 1980s, punks and skins started being recruited by national white s... Read more

Jazz in the New Millennium

Jazz in the New Millennium is hosted by longtime music journalist, educator and radio host Rick Mitchell. Each one-hour program showcases an individual living jazz artist, placing their work in historical perspective, from their earliest recordings to their most recent. T... Read more

King Tursi Music Hour

Produced for King Tursi Music Hour
This is a music and talk show from two old friends in their 60’s who love to discover, listen, and talk about music.  Each show will have a unique theme by which the guys will bring you great songs from the last six decades as well background discussion about the artists, s... Read more

Left of Center

My podcast is designed to be an approximately 15 minute show focusing on news and public affairs. the program will be intertwined with occasional guests and a variety of music. Left of Center is intended to look at news and public affairs from a far left perspective.   Read more

Let's Talk About The Real Shit

We hope to lend a voice to those who wish to speak their truth. Because the truth is, if we don’t talk about THE REAL SHIT, then nothing will ever change in any meaningful way for any of us. Read more

Live on KBOO Second Stream

Lizzie Borden Audio

  Hear the trial that started it all with voice actors playing the parts of the characters involved in the crime. Starting with witness statements that led to Lizzie's Inquest Testimony, Preliminary and Superior Court Trials that resulted in an acquittal despite overwhel... Read more

Local Folks

Driving an elderly person to the doctor, sitting with a terminally ill patient so their care giver can take a much-needed break, gleaning and distributing surplus food and firewood to needy households, reading to elementary school children: These are all ways local people w... Read more

Love, Lillie and Cathy

 "Love, Lillie and Cathy" is a radio show/podcast dedicated to the topic that has inspired song writers since the beginning of time: love. Each week, we focus on a different theme, such as lost love, bluegrass, a particular decade, or maybe songs that are especially importa... Read more


LoveSexGodTalk is a podcast centered around the thoughts of young queer people in regards to divinity, lust and the ephemeral force of love. Hosted by Chloë Thompson, a undergraduate and amateur spiritual sexologist, the show takes on the power of discourse among friends an... Read more

Neon Music Country Legacy

Neon Music Country Legacy is dedicated and continuing the visionary work of music radio programmer and creator Bert Gagnon. Bert’s idea for music radio programming centers around showcasing the songwriters and composers of popular country, pop, folk, bluegrass, blues, and r... Read more

Off The Shelf

OFF THE SHELF is a podcast highlighting radical library workers, knowledge activists, and information freedom fighters who are transforming, enriching, and empowering lives in the diverse communities they serve. Join host Bob Abbey and his guests for lively discussions of t... Read more

Open Air

Open Air is a guest driven entertainment talk show featuring engaging, entertaining, informative and provocative conversations with celebrities, authors, local personalities, musicians, members of our community and beyond. Open Air is a place for people to tell their st... Read more

Our Stories have POWER

Tell your recovery story and to listen to other people who have claimed victory over alcohol and other drugs.     Read more

Portland Jazz Nightlife

Some of Portland’s best live Jazz shows including interviews of local musicians recorded by SJ & Adrienne for your enjoyment. Read more

Prescription for Justice

Prescription for Justice is a talk show originating in Portland, Oregon. Host Dr. Martin Donohoe is a physician-educator-activist and textbook author who addresses varied topics related to creating more just and healthy communities and a better world. Subjects include educa... Read more


Produced for Profiles
  Profiles is a KBOO podcast that explores criminalization, gentrification, displacement and grassroots community resilience Profiles is a unique KBOO podcast series that explores how our communities define crime and criminals, what are the effects of labeling communities ... Read more

Recovery Recap

A show about recovery from addiction.  We are people in long term recovery.  We all have different spiritual and recovery program paths.  In this show we explore the many different paths towards recovery on an individual and group level.  We share our stories of recovery, b... Read more

Retired...or ReWired?

This is a 20-part series on aging in Portland.  What it's like to get old in a City that worships youth...And we ask the question:  is Portland a good place in which to get old? Read more

Soul Journeys

This podcast is about personal transformation. We create a safe zone and offer community support to help those that need of support with living their true authentic self.Discussing personal transformation, and overcoming difficult situations. We offer a platform, where we c... Read more

Squirrels Know Podcast

Welcome to the podcast version of Squirrels Know, aired monthly, every fourth Friday of the month, 8:00 to 10:00pm PST, on KBOO 90.7FM. Here, we will post past episodes, with great focus on the conversations. ۞ This is a galactic radio show, broadcast throughout the galaxy ... Read more

Stew for Thought

Stew for Thought is a podcast produced by students at Portland State University's Native American Student and Community Center which covers a wide spectrum of topics from a student perspective. Read more

Stimming in Public: Dialogues with Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Sean Steward discusses issues pertaining to Autism Spectrum Disorder as it relates to grown ups.      Read more

Stories of Recovery

  Stories of Recovery collects first hand experience from those in recovery. We will be collecting stories at and after the 2019 Hands Across The Bridge event Sept 2nd at Esther Short Park, 301 W 8th Street in Vancouver, Washington           "Hand's of God !" by Raj... Read more

Street Roots Poetry Showcase

Hosted by Jaison Kirk, this podcast showcases Street Roots poets and vendors from around Portland. Read more

The 5ive

The 5ive is oregons home for hip hop, r&b and local underground music. We bring all the music that doesnt get much play in our state and pair it with the many talented artists that would otherwise have no outlet for their music. We play 3 to 5 locals and do 1 or 2 interview... Read more

The Dirtbag Podcast

An extension of the Dirtbag show! Read more

The Final Straw Radio

The Final Straw Radio is a weekly, anarchist radio show based out of Asheville, NC. Its hosts, Bursts and William, work to bring listeners: timely info; insights from folks in struggle against injustice and for autonomy; thoughts and expressions from artists and authors wor... Read more

The Flow

  --->   Welcome to The Flow - Where Music & Metaphysics* Lift You Higher   We hold the power at every moment to tap our inner resources and change our lives. The Flow uses ancient sounds, international rhythms, metaphysics and mental management strategies to help clear i... Read more

The Great Escape

  Coming to you from down in a Portland, Oregon basement bunker, The Great Escaspe presents Trad-Trash music, a finely culled mix of next generation sounds influenced by the past and produced for the future...whatever that may have in store for the COVID generation. Join B... Read more

The Hollywood Murders: A Day in May

This is a series on the hate crime that took place at the Hollywood metro station on May 26, 2017.   Read more

The Other Bridge

Music diversity of genres bridges the gap between all musical tastes, ages of the listeners, and referring to Portland's many bridges.  In music, there is usually a bridge in the song transitioning from one verse or the chorus to some new insight in the direction of the son... Read more

The Staple

Produced for The Staple
  Portraits of artists. Portraits of everyone. Portraits of anyone. Anyone who has left a mark, made a dent or cracked a wall, applied color to canvas or brushed their fingers through water, darned yarn or punched a typewriter, defended and resisted, held the room breathle... Read more

The Third Floor

A mix of choral, vocal, and instrumental classical music from around the world and through the centuries Read more

The Transcendency Show!

Join host EJ Shiang as he interviews a variety of guests on the important topic of Transcendency. Transcendency is a higher energetic state available to anyone and there are many paths worth exploring.   EJ Shiang 415.200.9925 Read more

This Is How We See It

  A Syndicated Radio Talk Show about life and what's happening in National and Entertainment news. Read more


  A podcast discussing Politics, Protests & POT-pourri, based out of Portland, Oregon, USA.   Hosted by Cory Elia & Lesley McLam Production Engineer & Graphic Designer: Lesley McLam Read more

Village Vibes Podcast

VillageVibesPodcast! That conversation you wished you recorded...It takes a Village to communicate confidently, be your truest self, vibe out, love fully, speak openly, creatively support, & share equally. Add in a little bit of shade, some woke folks, brilliant minds, open... Read more


VotD is a podcast that is connected with Dark Noise Radio, and each of its episodes will contain interviews with the bands/band nembers who support DNR with amazing music in the genres of post punk, goth, industrial and related.   These interviews will be about anything an... Read more

We Are All in this Together

What The Hell Is Going On? (WHIGO)

“What the hell is going on?” is, if we stop and pay attention, a question that we all often ask. When our emotions aren’t as high we might not be aware that we are asking the question, but the more intense a situation is the more likely we are to ask it. In this podcast ML ... Read more

What’s Up With Your Down There?

This irreverent, fun podcast will help you get to know what’s going on with your “down there”. You can submit questions about genitals, sex, reproductive health, or anything below the belt, all of which will be answered by host Miriam Rosenberg, certified nurse midwife, and... Read more