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Briana Waters Trial Update

Evening News

The trial of Brianna Waters in Tacoma, Washington has completed its second week.  Waters is accused of being the lookout for an arson targeting experimental crops at the University of Washington. Although no one was harmed in the arson, Waters and nine others were charged with "eco-terrorism".This week, witnesses included Robert Corina, a cousin of Waters who allegedly helped rent the car used as the lookout vehicle during the action.  In addition, Lacy Fillibaum and Jennifer Kolars were brought to the stand.  Both Fillibaum and Kolars are former environmental activists turned informants for the prosecution.

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DIY, Portland: Education Roundup


We're revisiting last year’s series on do-it-yourself education. You’ll hear voices from the Portland Free Skool and the Waypost, as well as Matthew Stadler, who gave a presentation at Reed College’s Learning is Fun and Dangerous event about a WWII-era zine called Vedem. As always, podcasts, zines and all kinds of information is available at http://destinationdiy.org.

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Real ID Part 2

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Real ID Part 1

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Presswatch 2-21-08


Theresa Mitchell hosts Presswatch, the News You're Not Supposed to Know.

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Interview with Eitan Bronstein, founder of the Israeli organization, Zochrot.


This Friday's OLMV will feature a live interview with Mr. Eitan Bronstein, and Israeli educator and activist working with an organization called Zachrot ("remembering" or "those who remember").  This organization is dedicated to educating the Israeli public about the history of Al-Nakba (the Arabic word for catastrophe), the displacement and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948.  Mr. Bronstein is will be coming through the United States with Muhammad Jaradat (a past guest on OLMV) of the Palestinian group, Badil, in a joint Badil/Zachrot US speaking tour: "Acknowledging the past; Imagining the future: Palestinians and Israelis on 1948 and the Right of Return."

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0222 am 'Get This' news


Get This:  A total eclipse of the moon; a meteor streaks Cascadia and the US military shoots down a “rogue” satellite…

Chris Andreae



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Portland Jazz Festival Report -- The Underground Players

program date: 
Thu, 02/21/2008

Without any interviewing nor broadcasting rights to any of the music from the jazz fest, I thought it appropriate to record underground events and street performers as a sort of underground coverage of jazz during this conglomerate international affair. Here are the happenings of me, Sean Ongley, over the past week.

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0220 Our Backyard


KBOO's locally produced environmental series. This edition: Cats, our cute, loveable, furry friends, are at the center of two environmental controversies. 

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