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City Council: Police "Use of Deadly Force" Redefined

Evening News
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Wed, 06/04/2008

Portland's City Council voted to approve new guidelines on the 'Use of Deadly
Force' by the Portland Police.

KBOO's Don Wolfe has more


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Winter Soldier Northwest: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Speak in Seattle

Evening News
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Tue, 06/03/2008

Iraq Veterans Against the War hosted an event
called Northwest Winter Soldier at Seattle’s town hall on Saturday.

Winter Soldier brings together Iraq and Afghanistan
veterans to share their experiences and tell stories that have not been covered
in the mainstream media.

Over 600 people attended Saturday's event, which
culminated with a peaceful anti-war march from 
Seattle’s Town Hall to the city’s Federal Building.

The following excerpts were taken from the
testimonies of veterans who spoke at the event.

Those were excerpts of testimony by Iraq and
Afghanistan war veterans given at the northwest winter soldier event this
weekend in Seattle.

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Oregon History Project: the 60th Anniversary of the Vanport Flood

Evening News
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Thu, 06/05/2008

As reported
yesterday on the KBOO News, this week marks the 60th anniversary of Portland's
Hurricane Katrina-like disaster: the Vanport flood. 

Professor Michael
McGregor has written about the relevance of the Vanport flood for today's


That was Michael McGregor, a researcher with the
Oregon History Project, speaking on the 60th anniversary of the Vanport flood
in Portland.


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The Flood of Vanport Remembered: Changes in the Black Community in Oregon

Evening News
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Mon, 06/02/2008

Vanport, Oregon
was hastily built in 1943 as thousands of workers moved to the area to take up
jobs in the wartime seaports. Forty thousand workers took residence in the
town, which grew from shanty structures to massive public housing in a few
short years. At its peak it was the second largest city in Oregon but after the
war, the population dropped to just over eighteen thousand. But for the African
Americans who stayed, it was a place to call home.         

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Hunger Strike Against Liquefied Natural Gas

Evening News
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Tue, 06/03/2008

On Sunday June 1st, the battle to halt the siting
of a Liquefied Natural Gas Pipeline through Oregon entered a new phase. a man
named Rick also known as Brokenfeather 
began a 10 day Hunger Strike in front of the NW Natural Energy Company
Headquarters at 220 NW ist ave.

Nw natural is just one of several pipeline
proposals being considered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It is
working with Palomar Gas Transmission System on a plan that would install 500
miles of Oregon’s public and Private lands.

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Bradley-Angel House Bi-Gender Discrimination Case

Evening News
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Wed, 06/04/2008

According to Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and
Industries, Portland domestic violence shelter Bradley-Angel House
discriminated against a bi-gendered individual. 

KBOO’S Jacob Anderson-Minshall has more on the


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Republicans Prevent Public Access to Grand Jury System Information

Evening News
program date: 
Wed, 05/28/2008

Civil rights leaders and civil libertarians have
launched a campaign to reform Oregon’s Grand Jury system.

During the recent legislative session, there was an
attempt to make grand jury testimony public in certain cases.

Republican legislators managed to stop that measure
from going forward.

reporter Don Wolfe spoke with Dan Handelman from Portland Cop Watch and a civil
rights attorney Lauren Regan about the problems with the secrecy of the Grand
Jury system in Oregon.


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Homeless Tie Themselves to Trees at City Hall

Evening News
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Wed, 06/04/2008

Two protestors
have tied themselves to trees outside of Portland's City Hall. 

The two are
organizers with the homeless sit-in that was dismantled by Portland police two
weeks ago.

KBOO's Kyle Burris reports from in front of City


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National Wildlife Federation Update on Climate Security Act

Evening News
program date: 
Tue, 05/27/2008

The National Wildlife
Federation held a Press Conference today in Portland, to bring attention to the
Climate Security Act. 

KBOO’s Crystal Leighty spoke with Doug Howell,
Director of the Western Natural Resource Center of the Wildlife Federation:


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United Farmworkers Sues Oregon Beef Northwest for Racist Hiring Practices

program date: 
Mon, 05/26/2008

A sexual discrimination lawsuit
has been filed by three Hispanic women against the Boardman, Oregon Beef
Northwest feedlot management for refusing to hire and employ them based on
their race and gender.

This is the latest
development in a series of labor related-issues that have been directed at Beef

KBOO reporter Rebecca Nay spoke with Steve Witte
from the United Farmworkers of America.


4:03 minutes (3.71 MB)
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