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Celebrating the Spirit of Dave Carter

Today's show was about celebrating the life and music of one of my favorite singer songwriters--Dave Carter who died unexpectedly on July  19, 2001.  I was at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver BC (which had been a 10+ year summer pilgrimage every year, the highlight of my year). In fact, the first time I ever heard a Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer recording, 2 things were instant thoughts in my mind: 

1.  I have to get a copy of the song "The Mountain" to Joan Baez somehow and

2.  these folks HAVE to play the Vancouver Folk Festival.

your favorites?


If you have an IDEA for a future ROCKAHOLIC FEATURE, or just a SONG ID question, post it here.

We're in the Oregonian!

The KBOO Youth Collective will be featured in the Living Section of this Saturday's Oregonian, July 14th, 2007! Read all about us!

Subbing on Women's Soul this Sunday

I'll play all lady fronted bands this Sunday from 10-midnight, tune in!

First a word from Uncle Mort!


June 21 and this blog is now open for comment and further questions.

ICE Raid Resources


Friday June 22  from 6pm to 9pm there will be a community event James John Elementary School located at 7439 N.  Charleston Avenue, in the St. John’s area of Portland.  Many of the students at this elementary school had parents working at the Del Monte plant.  This event will be an opportunity to mobilize the community and to create an information pipeline that will help get information to our community faster.  There will also be a vigil to honor the imprisoned victims.

There will be a March Against the Raids, and in support of Immigrant Rights SUNDAY JUNE 24, at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement BUILDING, located at 511 NE BROADWAY in PORTLAND, at 2 pm. This has been Organized by the Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, a group associated with the center for intercultural organizing.  You can find out more information about these events at or at 

Catholic Charities and El Programa Hispano have agreed to open two bank accounts to help families affected by the ICE raid.

The first account will be a general emergency assistance fund to help families that need food, diapers, or other types of emergency assistance.  The second account will be to provide assistance to families that need to pay private attorneys for representation in deportation hearings.  Those who wish to donate should send checks to

Catholic Charities
231 SE 12th St,
Portland, OR 97214

To donate to the first fund, please write RAID EMERGENCY FUND in the memo line of checks.  To donate to the second fund, please write RAID LEGAL FUND in the memo line of checks.  They  will also accept cash or check donations at 451 NW 1st St, Gresham, OR 97030

If you or someone you know has been affected by these raids, there are several places you can contact:  The New Sanctuary Movement can be reached at 503-203-4267

 For Emergency resources and shelter for affected families you can call Catholic Charities at 503-542-2855. 

 And For Resources for high school students with friends of family members detained during the raids, Project Return has offices at Marshall, Jefferson, Roosevelt High Schools.  The contact person is Jonathon Zook, you can reach him at 503-453-6466.

Live Bands July and August


Here's the schedule for the Live Bands upcoming here on Life During Wartime:

June  20
PRF... Mike, Seve, Andre, Aidan, and Wolfgang are about to take their Portland Hardcoregon sound over to Europe! We get to enjoy them one more time before they're all "refined".

July 4th
The Abi Yo Yo's
According to scene point blank "The Abi Yoyos combine the punk rock sounds of Dead Kennedys with more progressive styles of King Crimson with a Phil Ochs underlying acoustic vibe with political lyrics with an acoustic guitar being played around a camp fire."

July 18th
The Disposessed
Loud, melodic, and aggressive Portland band with Molly (4Q, The Curse) Pete (Lazyboy, St. Helens) Dyanne (Red Herring, Harum Scarum) and Mark.(Estranged, Remains of the Day). 

August 1st
The Bayonettes,according to Victim of Time, "kick up a brusque mixture of noxious and addictive guitar hooks over tousled and jagged female vocals. ". A catchy and tough Toronto band.

August 22
Hangman says " dirty d-beat rock ..n roll done right, filthy, gritty, moving at a respectable pace, with a great guitar sound and good vocals. " Features A Void, Dusty, Frank, Forbish, and Crane. 

knocked up


Reviewed on the Old Mole Variety Hour 6/11/07, Knocked Up was written and directed by Judd Apatow, best known for The 40 Year Old Virgin, and the director of photography was Portland native Eric Edwards. It’s a beautifully shot film, and it’s been getting enthusiastically positive reviews (especially at sites like Reviews for Guys and Movies for Guys).

the pain of our inner troops

The Well-Read Red on the Old Mole Variety Hour 6/4/07 Earlier this year, the mainstream press discovered that there are problems with veteran’s health care. The scandal of dilapidated buildings and untreated soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center led to a series of firings and resignations. But, as even the commercial press is aware, being a veteran is still no guarantee of access to health care. Stories reflecting on this fact imply that veterans have an extra claim to medical attention. Perhaps they do, but we should be wary of suggesting that there is anyone who doesn’t have a right to health care.

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