My Comrades,

I will get to bed eventually tonight.

I was sorting through material for tomorrow

and suddenly thought that I might find this manifesto

somewhere in the internet.

And lo!

I did at:

So I did a copy and paste

and here you are.



63--TEXT--20 from ELUARD's "Capital of Pain" for anyone to read and produce


This is a collection of 20 poems each of which I thought might be
interesting to work with.  They come from Eluard's "Capital of
Pain" which was published in 26.

If you are looking for something and find anything in here interesting, go right ahead and lay claim to it.

Nice pieces and none of them very long.





62--TEXT--ELUARD's "Just and Small" for anyone to read and produce


Here's more Eluard.  Quite like him, at least in translation.

This is a series of 11 very short poems for anyone to take on if they
like them.  I made no indications for any scripting or special
audio treatment.




61--TEXT--6 brief poems from ELUARD's FIRSTLY for anyone to read & produce


Here are the first six very short poems from a much longer series, but this seemed a nice cluster.

I'm just pulling them up out of the book and throwing them out there if anyone likes them and wants them.





60--TEXT--TZARA's ANGEL--as short simultaneous reading for anyone to produce


I played around with the poem in various forms

in simultaneous readings.

This is for anyone to pick up and play with.



59--PROP/TEXT--KAHLO script (#52) now spoken for by Crystal

Hi Richard,
I would love to produce or read the Kahlo script, if no one else has
spoken for it.
I'm also expecting myself to send you some dada news updates, to see if
they fit your overall idea.
Thanks for what you're doing!



58--TEXT/PROP--SATIE's A Day In The Life Of A Musician--performing text w/flute


Just sharing a short fun text I'll be working on with Jessie Isaac
(flute), who will be playing something by Satie, yet to be determined
(I'm hoping for Trois marceaux en forme de poire which Satie did for a
dada festival in Paris in 1923, but that's up to Jessie and what he
wants to do ... and what scores find).

When I worked with him in 2001, Jessie tended to prefer performing live
on the air, so that's probably how we'll do it, perhaps tucking it into
the Cabaret which can use more music.



56--CALL--seeking readers for Mirror-Wardrobe (#41)/recording begins 6/26@7p

This email from Grace.

She is the contact if you are interested in reading for Louis Aragon's one act surrealist play: "The Mirror-Wardrobe"

You can reach Grace at:

Here's her email:

Hi everyone,

Let's start recording

I am reserving Studio 2 at KBOO for Thursday, June 26, 7-9 and
Saturday 6/28, and Saturday 7/5,  2-4 PM for reading.

55--NEWS/CALL--Are You Creating In Video?

Hi there,

We are presently exploring setting up a simulcast with cable access
television, as we did for two nights during the festival in 2001.

If you are an artist who works, or wants to work, on video this email
is to inform you that we probably will have a place for your work to be
seen as well as heard.

The person who is putting the video component together is again Bill
Dodge.  He is the person you need to  contact about what you
are producing, as well as sending in a proposal to this site.

Bill can be contacted at:

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