The Iron Heel

Last year, Penguin Books issued a new edition of Jack London’s 1908 novel The Iron Heel. Probably London’s fullest fictional presentation of his socialist views, it’s a book that Leon Trotsky, some thirty years later, called a “prophetic vision” of “fascism, of its economy, of its governmental technique, its political psychology. . . . Jack London foresaw and described the fascist regime as the inevitable result of the defeat of the proletarian revolution.” The book has its flaws, as Trotsky acknowledged, though I would include that sense of inevitability as one of them.

The Tragedy of MacBush Is Now available for Download

The Ubu Hour's The Tragedy of MacBUSH (originally aired a couple years ago) is now available for download. A chilling tale of madness and power, witches and neocons, imperialism and fear. This is a hilarious one-hour radio theater satire that blends Shakespeare's classic  with the idiocies and sinister acts of the Bush administration. Starring Bill Dodge, Kathy Fors, SW Conch, Joe Scofflaw, Pat, Emily Young, Talon, Ken Enslow, Rolf Semprebon, Lee Rice, Aunt Joan, and Liam Delta, and written by Bill Shakespeare and Rolf Fakespeare.

Musicians wrestle everywhere

As part of the Whole Whole Music program of September 7, 2007, I played a song by Elliott Carter based on a poem by Emily Dickinson. Here is that poem.

Musicians wrestle everywhere
(Emily Dickinson, c. 1860)

Ubu Hour audio downloads

September UBU HOUR (9/03/07) is now available for download... There's THE FIVE WHITE GUYS AT CITY HALL (2 parts), THE DARKNESS (3 parts) and THE LOBOTOMY OF DUBYA TUSH... for anyone who missed them or couldn't stay up until 11 pm...

loose nukes?



Material used in part for 9-6-07; loose nukes, the draft


Well, look at that, we’re coming up on the anniversary of September 11th,the day we all mourn the 200,000 people who have been lost since that day to alcohol poisoning.  No, it’s the 250,000 who have died in car accidents.  No that can’t be right, it must be the 300,000 who died of Alzheimer’s or the 3.6 million that died of heart attacks.  Oh I’m forgetting, it’s the THREE thousand that died in the buildings that are more dead than anyone else.

Craig Burk hosts Tribute to Jewish American Songwriters


Craig Burk hosts Tribute to Great Jewish-American Songwriters, September 2, 2007

On September 2, I presented a Tribute to the Great Jewish-American Songwriters as an alternate program to the Yiddish Hour. The playlist for that program may be found by clicking here

During my program, I gave a short overview on  composer Harold Arlen, drawing mostly from a New Yorker article written by John Lahr. 

The entirety of that article may be read by clicking here





Craig Burk hosts Italian Hour, September 2, 2007


Craig Burk hosts the Italian Hour, September 2, 2007

I was guest host on the Italian Hour on September 2, 2007.  To see my  playlist, click here

During his program, I singled out the great singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andre for special praise. To learn more about this legendary artist,  click here

Five Minutes Sweetness


                                          Five minutes sweetness

                             An hour poked in the eye---

                                  Ahh-- Television!                      B.L.

Ubu Hour Blog

Ubu Weblog 

Okay, so this is a blog... This is the Ubu Hour weblog. I've never
done a blog before and I really don't know what I'm doing here or why I'm doing this.  Maybe to try and generate some kind of discussion on radio theater, and to announce what will be coming up on the Ubu Hour, and who knows what else.

Anyway, the next Ubu Hour happens Monday 9/3/07 at 11 pm on KBOO 90.7 fm, bringing  you more fine radio theater.

busy weekend to round out august

this coming weekend sure is a busy one for portlanders! i know of many wonderful weird interesting things going on around town.  in fact, KBOO is co-sponsoring three different events this weekend!

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