Live Bands on Life During Wartime


Upcoming on Life During Wartime:

April 25th
The Vicious, from Sweden.

May 9th
Pisschrist, from Australia.

May 16th
Sleepwalkers, RIP, from good ol' Portland (ex-Triggers).

August 1st
The Bayonettes, from Toronto.

queer morality

The Well-Read Red on the Old Mole Variety Hour

Last month, General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gay service members by saying that "I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts.” He apparently did not comment on the morality of, say, invading a country and directly or indirectly causing the deaths of approximately 655,000 individuals.

Morning Glory!


For the Membership Drive, I plan on playing many of my favorites & yours...
Carter Family, Uncle Dave Macon,Roy Rogers, DeZerik Sisters, Sons of the Pioneers, etc.

Old Mole Underground

From the Well-read Red, January, 2006:

What is this “old mole,” and how can a mole root down a mountain? We can trace the figure of the “old mole” back to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the first act, the ghost of Hamlet’s father speaks from beneath the ground (or beneath the stage), following and echoing Hamlet’s demand that his comrades keep secret what they’ve seen. In reaction to the ghost’s pursuit and speech, Hamlet says, Well said, old mole! canst work i' the earth so fast? / A worthy pioneer!”

Mt Tabor Park sale to Warner Pacific College

I am really pissed off at the city for even considering selling off part of Mt. Tabor Park to Warner Pacific College. How dare they do this behind our backs. I have been to many meetings regarding this sale and it seems as though it is a done deal even though the city has agreed to mediation with MTNA and STNA. Dan Saltzman is the city representative who can stop this procedure but he is not taking it off the table. He is pacifing the neighborhood associations with mediation even though his mind is made up. Our public land should not be for sale or lease to private entities for development. Our green space should be preserved for future generations. Shame on you Dan Saltzman for your lack of ethics. I wish interested parties would read this blog and comment.

Requesting audio copy of program aired on Sunday Feb 18th, 2007


I would like a copy of the programm "Mujeres Bravas" that was aired on Sunday, February 18th please. A staff member of NW Film Center was interviewed and she has requested a copy of the program.

Thank you.





Volunteer Spotlight

Sometimes a new KBOO volunteer arrives on the scene, and just hits the ground running.  Frank Cobb, Sr. is one such volunteer.  He arrived for Orientation back in January, and immediately got involved in the PM News Department.  Within a month, after coming to every training that was offered in the News Department, he was going out to the street almost every day, tape recorder in hand, to interview the homeless in Portland.
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