Resources for Jan 16 Show on Indegenous Resistance to the Militarization in the U.S./ Mexico Border Region:


Coalición de  Derechos Humanos:


National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights:


The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Rights:

Set-up and prep

My goal is to produce sonic art that allows for a general expansion of viewpoint

--say what?

--close your eyes and listen

--what do you see?

I slowly peel back the layers-mysterious that encompass the knowledge and experience necessary to git where I'm a'wanting to go,

but then ain't that what its all about?

mitakuye oyasin


What do I do here at KBOO?


For my first blog entry I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sean Ongley and I've been with KBOO for about 1 and a half years. Currently I'm acting as an instructor for digital audio editing and production, talent booking, board operator, and arts reporting. My next reporting project is the Portland Jazz Festival. Recently I booked the annual Boo Bash at Holocene, 2007, and I continue finding talent for Jennifer Robin's Night of the Living Tongue experimental music/spoken word show. I got my start with Blues Fest as on site board operator for our annual remote broadcast. I was educated in audio engineering at Sound Master Audio/Video Institute in North Hollywood, 2002 under Brian Ingoldsby. But I'm also a musician studying at PSU, locally known mostly in avante-garde circles.

Lucky us - guests Lipstick & Dipstick on Out Loud Tues Jan 15th 6pm


Have you heard? Lipstick & Dipstick are locals & they're also well known to women around the world!

They'll be hosts for the L Word season preimiere Sunday Jan 6th at the Bagdad Theater 

Voted the #1 column in CURVE in a recent reader's poll, Lipstick & Dipstick give punchy advice to the lesbian community, a measured blend of guidance, wit and sincerity from the femme and the butch perspective.

My Vote For Song of the Year

This is the song i nominate for best song of 2007.  Sometimes music can change the world....sometimes it can speak truth to power. You might wanna google him and check out the song itself on a variety of sites including You Tube. Have a wonderful new year and thanks for listening!

No, Surrender by Justin Currie

lyrics below:

Big Macs for the fat, lo-cal wraps for the call centre battery hens,

There's lots to do at KBOO!


Have you been wondering about volunteering at KBOO?  Do you want to be a part of a lively, engaged and committed community, effecting positive change in the world around us?  Please, check us out!  We will hold a volunteer orientation on January 7th, for incoming volunteers; this is the first step in a three part process to be an active part of this dynamic community.

If you are already an active volunteer, and are looking for more ways to get involved, you can always check out the information on the volunteer opportunities page.

Jan. 2nd Updates Show Resources

For More Information about the San Francisco Eight:

For More Information about the Jena Six:

For More information about the noose incident at Reed:

For more information about anti-immigration legislation:

Talk is cheap, Free speech isn't


You may already know that KBOO did not meet our financial goal during our last pledge drive. The station relies on our listeners for a large portion of our operating budget. If you are not yet a member but enjoy what you hear on KBOO, please consider becoming a member today. Click the 'join now' icon in the upper right corner of the page and you will be taken to a secure page to make your contribution to this fine radio station.

And remember - talk is cheap. Free speech isn't.

If you give a damn, join now.

Be a Part of the Solution! Volunteer Meeting this Saturday 12/8 11 - 2 at Liberty Hall


Be a Part of the Solution!!!

  • Do you care about supporting KBOO as a great institution?
  • Do you care about better serving our communities?
  • Do you want KBOO to succeed in meeting our challenges?

Grace Paley - An Interest In LIfe Event 12-11-07

An Interest in Life: GRACE PALEY

Grace Paley, one of this country's most honored and best loved writers, died on August 22, 2007. Her commitment to antimilitarism, environmentalism, feminism and antiracism was inseparable from her stories, essays, and poems.

Tuesday, December 11 @ 7:00 p.m.
Broadway Books 1714 NE Broadway 503.284.1726

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