92--CALL--for pre- and early-teens to read, perform (instruments provided), act, etc.

Hi Folks,
If you are or have or know a pre- or early teen who would like to be in some group and solo recordings of dada and surrealist material (scripts provided or bring your own) with musical instruments (provided or your own) and play some surrealist games ...
... all for presentation on the morning of Saturday, August 30th for KBOO's dada surrealist festival.
This Sunday, July 27th from 4-?p (until folks get tired or we run out of material and ideas) at KBOO studios, 20 SE 8th.  Richard and Rolf in attendance and perhaps an appearance by Dr. Zomb.



91--CALL--email contained audio files of readings going out to musicians & audio artists--email list only

These emails available only to those on email list.  Sorry.  But you will be hearing them, finished, on the air during festival.

90--CALL-- Join the Master Musicians of Kazoo-ka recording sessions


Whether you have musical talent or not, you can join the first sessions of the Master Musicians of Kazooka. Feel free to bring kazoos, and other toy instruments (percussion instruments would be especially welcome, also flutes, stringed instruments and other noisemakers) and join us to improvise some music that will be used for the dada/surrealism festival....Recording time will be this Thurs 7/24 at 8pm.  And if you come at 7pm you can add your voice to a play.



86-89--CALL--emails contained audio files of readings going out to musicians & audio artists--email list only

These emails available only to those on email list.  Sorry.  But you will be hearing them, finished, on the air during festival.

Democratic Capitalism: An Oxymoron?

Old Mole Variety Hour: The Well-read Red
August 4, 2008

Democratic Capitalism: an Oxymoron

Good morning, comrades.  The website  of The International Endowment for Democracy has a page of quotations which I am drawing on for this commentary.

Queer youth documentary seeking participants


The group of fabulous folks who created Youth Out Loud! (a documentary film and teaching tool) are actively producing an updated version, Youth Out Loud II. They are looking for help in contacting youth, teachers, school administrators and staff who would like to participate with this project about queer youth experience in schools.

Please share the message below with others who might be interested in making this queer youth documentary a success.  Thank you! And a special thanks to those adding their voices to the documentary!


Contact: Darla Marcus

We Like Our Music Innapropriate, Thank You Very Much


Uptight parent sends her daughter to The Rock N’ Roll Camp for Girls and she’s shocked that she comes back with some decent music:

A mother who sent her 8-year-old daughter to a Portland rock music-themed camp for girls says she is shocked by what she thinks is age-inappropriate material distributed to the young attendees.

The mother, who did not want to be identified, said her daughter returned home with music that contained graphic violent imagery and lyrics that were both sexually charged and racist.

The woman said the items were part of a welcome packet for girls attending the camp and that she checked them out before her daughter could listen to the music.

What Digby said

Once again, here's Digby, doing it better than most could even hope.

Really, read it. She is one of the best bloggers around.


FNB Politics

Apropos of my earlier post, here's Rick Perstein from March 2007:

... Rush Limbaugh calls the insufficiently martial Iraq Study Group “James Baker’s Fruit Salad.” To those with good memories who pay very close attention, this is a reference to the former secretary of state’s preference that the report be considered in its entirety rather than picked over like a fruit salad. But, to right-wingers who’ve forgotten that (the lion’s share, no doubt), the nickname made just as much sense. The report recommended diplomacy. Isn’t that kind of … fruity? And, in a nod to Ailes, Limbaugh has taken to calling Fox News’s chief competitor “PMSNBC.”

The only Democratic leaders who aren’t feminized, of course, are the women. With them, it’s just the opposite. Limbaugh has a phrase he uses to explain why, supposedly, Hillary Clinton is never questioned aggressively: She produces a “testicle lockbox” into which male reporters must deposit their manhood. Nancy Pelosi, in Rush-speak, is “Bella Pelosi,” a nice two-for-the-price-of-one slur: For Dittoheads nostalgic for the 1970s, it suggests the mannishness of the loudmouthed New York liberal congresswoman Bella Abzug; for the rest, the homophonology is to Bella Lugosi—the Democratic leader is Dracula.

Read the whole thing. It's well worth it.

It's the corollary of the racist code I was talking about earlier. As Perlstein points out, the Right wins elections by rendering the Left's the Center's candidates unpalatable -- whether it's by invoking his Scary Blackness or her Butch Manliness.

Why should we care about this bullshit, as you have asked many times on the radio? Why don't we talk about the business end of imperialism and the violence and injustice being wrought everywhere? Because this bullshit works, and it results in halfwits and their undead puppetmasters occupying the halls of power. And then they are free to do what they will.

Photos working again!


Hello everyone,

We've got more updates on the way but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that the ability to post photos is working again.  You'll find a photo icon (looks like a landscape picture) in the menu of the "body" area where you type descriptions of things.  You can link to a photo that is already on the internet by pasting a URL web address of that image, or upload your own.  Thanks for your patience!

We are also now on Flickr so if you've got great photos of the station, our events, or your show, please add them to our group photo pool.

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