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music featured in Che


Music featured in Che and played on the Old Mole March 23, 2009

"Conga Jam"; performed by Candido a Graciela; written by Candido Camero (Manhattan Productions Music, Inc.)

interview with Mark Andres

Listen to Mark Andres, currently showing paintings at Augen gallery in the Desoto Building.

Jazz In The Afternoon


My guest on March 18 will be renowned trombonist Sonny Russo,who has retired to the Portland area after his 60-year career.

Sonny will bring his own music and his inimitable stories!

We'll touch, musically, also on Dave Frishberg's 76th birthday coming up March 23, and Nat "King" Cole's 90th,which he would have celebrated this year on St. Patrick's Day.

Last week (3/4) we celebrated Dave Frishberg's 76th, early, but in style with our "Baseball and Jazz" feature. 

Thanks for all your warm calls; because of them, this show will be a spring-training annual!

Looking ahead to our following show,  on April Fool's Day, the subject from 2 to 3 p.m. will be humor.

15--MUSIC--THE BLIND OWL--A 3 min. piece by Raz Mesinai on mp3 for your pleasure Tuesday, March 17, 2009 1:00 AM


It is available on the cd titled "Resurrections for goatskin" by Raz Mesinai available on Tzadik label.  It is in the KBOO library in the new music section.


original email read:


Just sent this along for those who are interested in the novel.  A very short percussion piece named after the novel.  Raz Mesinai was born in Jerusalem and now resides in US..



14--TEXT--THE BLIND OWL--novel by Sadegh Hedayat in 2 part script

Hi gang,

Sending this out ... a very large project.  It is taken from an Iranian Surrealist novel written in 1937.  Grace is going to produce it and has filled the roles of Narrator, The Man, and The Old Man which are the only characters in Part 1.

She has yet to fill the Part 2 roles of The Wife, The Nurse, The Mother-in-law, Street vendor, Band of drunken policemen, The odds-and-ends man, The butcher and The brother-in-law.

13--NEWS/PROP--Ani takes 2 Carrington and two actors looking for productions

Hi folks,

Ani is taking on producing monologues from Leonora Carrington's THE SKELETON'S HOLIDAY and MY MOTHER IS A COW.

And I have two actors interested when and if productions begin ... a male reader for the Greek in Carrington's MY FLANNEL KNICKERS ... and a male reader interested in the part of Floater in Joyce Mansour's THE BLUE OF THE DEEP which I think Grace is interested in producing  ...  she can be contacted:

thanks folks,


12--NEWS/PROP--Rolf and Jay have laid claim to TRIP TO THE MOON

Hi folks,

As it says, project taken.  All the projects I send out are first-come-first-serve.

And if you think you can come up with a version which is radically different than what Rolf and Jay will do, I actually don't mind duplicate projects.

But hopefully I'll be throwing out enough variety that you can find something else just as fun.

The are some more very short Lorca plays coming.


11--TEXT--Federico Garcia Lorca's TRIP TO THE MOON for two voices

Hi gang,

I found two different versions, one from book with translator listed and the other on the internet with no translator listed.  I figure that it is up to the performer/producer to select which script or perhaps to move back and forth between the two selecting the best lines for each number.


10--TEXT--Leonora Carrington's MY FLANNEL KNICKERS for 2 (maybe 3) voices


This is the last Carrington for at least a few weeks.  I do intend to at least script AS WE RODE ALONG THE EDGE and possibly more.  With the four I've already selected, that does leave 14 other "tales" should you be interested in looking. 

My text is available for borrowing and there is also a copy in Central Library.  I type fast so if you would like another story scripted for your use on Theatrum just let me know.


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