Interview with David Nelson of NRPS coming June 13th 2009


Hi all,

I will have David Nelson of the New Riders of the Purple Sage on the Forests of Fennario Saturday, June 13, from 12-1 PM, discussing his career and teh new release from NRPS, Where I Come From.


Please tune in!

Transcript of Derek Trucks Interview from 7/19/08


Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting. Here is a transcript from an interview that was aired on 7/19/2008 on the Forests of Fenario with the amazing Derek Trucks. Please remember that this interview is from 2008, as far as I know there are no DTB or Soul Stew shows scheduled for Portland this summer. Enjoy!


Race and Recession


imageThe current recession is not an equal opportunity crisis. People of color are experiencing job loss, foreclosures and lack of healthcare at alarmingly higher rates than white Americans. These disparities are not a coincidence but rather the result of structural barriers that have been taking a toll on people of color long before the subprime meltdown.

Dubya, Hammer of God

May 18, 2009

Remember, back in those nightmare years surrounding the initial invasion and occupation of Iraq? Remember when we would speculate, half in jest, that Dubya was an unhinged, end-times, Book-of-Revelation, whackjob war leader? That he was, ha-ha, doing God's work in smiting the infidels? That he was, snort, paving the way for the Apocalypse?

All of it was true.

It seems that Donald Rumsfeld, in those early days during and after the invasion, would submit to the President a daily intelligence briefing called the Worldwide Intelligence Update. On each cover was emblazoned a full-color hymn to American martial virtue, complete with appropriately smite-tacular Biblical verse.

I kid you not. Bush was EVERY INCH the nutjob avenging Warrior of God we imagined him to be in our dark satiric daydreams.

These people need to go to jail.


The Forbidden Photos

May 18, 2009

Here are the photos your president doesn't want you to see.

The photos are too large for me to upload -- just go have a look.


Anne Grgich

 Listen to the interview here!

I wish I could write more in this blog but I am crazy busy. Nonetheless you should know that Anne Grgich is a self-taught artist who flaunts it. She filled in books since she was a child. Now her "books" are hugely 3 dimensional, made of mirrors and glass and beads and fabric, all collaged over and painted and often images of faces and people out of her imagination. She's my guest for May 19th.

Fixing Sex: On Intersex


 Just finished reading Katrina Karkazis Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience, the indepth investigation into how intersex is currently conceived, treated and experienced.  Although I've been somewhat aware of these issues before, some of the material is really mind blowing like 1) how many clictorectomies or clictorous reduction surgeries were/are done in this country, 2) how these surgeries are justified as essential to a child's gender identity despite being purely asethetic and 3) how little surgeons and other clinicians currently treating intersex children are willing to even listen to intersex activists or those who've experienced first hand the long term impact of genital surgery.

Youth Collective Recieves Sound Mixing Grant

Deonta Dorn wanted to do something for hungry students at Oregon City Service Learning Academy, so he came up with the idea for a community breakfast that would serve two purposes – it would feed students at his school and at the same time help the sophomore class raise money for Community 101.

“I wasn’t sure it would come through,” he said, but students and community members showed up and donated $165 last Wednesday.

Senior Brittany Larson also helped put on the community breakfast, and said she was pleased to see members of the community, parents and members of the school district administrative staff attend the event.

Intersex: Medicalization of Sexual Diversity

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

It's the first question asked after the birth of a baby.  But sometimes the answer isn't obvious?  In about one out of every 1,500 births a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist is called in. Out of every thousand birth one to two children have traditionally been exposed to surgery to "normalize" the appearance of their genitals. Even more people are born with subtler forms of sex anatomy variations some of which won't show up until later in life.
Since the 1990s intersex activists have been fighting for an end to unnecessary surgeries, especially those performed at an early age when the person can’t make their own decisions.
Tuesday, May 19th from 6 - 7 pm, Gender Blender co-hosts Rebecca Nay and Jacob Anderson-Minshall  talk with three intersex activists about their experiences and what it can teach us all about gender, sex and the medialization of natural diversity.

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