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Eric Vines of the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Eric Vines, Executive Director for the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology joined us at KBOO. Listen to the interview here.

reproductive justice


for the Old Mole Variety Hour, June 8, 2009

The funeral this weekend of Dr. George Tiller attracted hundreds of mourners, honoring the memory of one of the very small number of doctors providing late term abortions in the US, a man whose clinic motto was "Trust women."

Is This What Democracy Looks Like?


Words can be used to communicate ideas between people, to describe things we can't point to.  Words can also be used to separate and manipulate.  This happens in our media all the time.  Remember when the prior administration talked about "spreading democracy"?  

This was a divisive choice of words - some of us think - hooray! spreading democracy! pass the popcorn!  to others, sounds a little like cultural imperialism.

Implicit in this phrase is the assumption that we own democracy.  in a way, in a global sense, we do - the US has the ability to more or less define who has it, who does it, what does it mean.  

In remembrance of independence day, We the People questions our right to use this term - by co-opting it, molding it, dissecting it, refining it, perhaps obliterating it.

Why? because one use for mass media is to help us understand our world.  And some think that an informed populace required for a functioning democracy.  So if you and I can't even agree on the terms, how are we supposed to build this thing together? and maybe when we look at "mob rule" "one man one vote"  who knows, maybe we won't even want it.

We are inviting listeners to write a two paragraph mini-essay answering the following questions:  

What is the definition of democracy?

Does the US measure up?  

We'll read them on the air, and discuss it with our listeners on June 25th for We the People's Independence Day show.

Friday June 5th 8pm-10pm Abangatang Radio


Grouch and Eligh of Living Legends Interview along with the 1st playing of Sapient of SandPeoples new album "Make More".   He'll be in the studio as i ask him delightful questions about his new Solo Album.  Also this evening their will be a new track fom Davis Cleveland and Cheetah Finess.  Hope you listen.


Davis Cleveland

Abangatang Radio

John Brodie talks about his "Store for a Month"

Listen to the interview here.

John Brodie has organized Store for a Month, which opens June 3rd. Brodie takes his concept from Claes Oldenburg’s “Store” of 1961, inviting artists to make works on the spot and sell them too. One of the works offered is the piece above, Cloud Painting 1 by Arcy Douglass. Over 60 artists are participating. John Brodie will join me on KBOO this Tuesday and tell us all about the store.

The Underground for May 2009


Today we successfully pulled off our show with me as adult advocate! It was amazing to finally sit back and see what all the other youth can do! It was pretty smooth- a few of the usual glitches and a lot of freaking out behind the scenes- but there was some great content and everyone ended up having tons of fun! Our newest member of the collective- Sean- even volunteered and happily read the community calendar live on air!

Viva Youth Radio!



Read this



Excellent Merle Haggard article with a buncha Bob Wills!

May 23 - Playlist Spotlight

Bridget B. here, and boy was this spotlight selection a tough one.  I was torn between Angelique Kidjo, Les Nubians and Zap Mama.  Two things that swayed me: upcoming concert in Portland at Doug Fir Lounge and The Triple Door in Seattle with the ultimate decision coming after listening to the new CD - ReCreation.  I couldn't find a song that I didn't like.  Because of my travels,  my ear is more tuned to internationally infused music and this was one of those ear elixirs, full of vibrant and exotic flavors.

Who are they, or more like who is she? Zap Mama was primarily an acappella group of Afro-European women, but in 1996 the lead singer, as shown on the cover, the beautiful, songwriter and vocalist Marie Daulne, emerged as Zap Mama, a solo artist with a robust, international offering of sounds.  But let's take a few steps back in time.

Myles Haselhorst of Ampersand Vintage

Listen to the interview here.

Myles Haselhorst has Ampersand Vintage on NE Alberta. This shop has art and photography books,  ephemera and a gallery. Myles talks about his vision for the gallery, which acts as an archive and clearinghouse of old images and graphics.  It unites both "high" and "low" sensibilities. He also talks about his upcoming exhibition of mixed-media paintings by Seattle artist Graham Fracha (image above).

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is popularly recognized as our national holiday for remembering those who were killed in wars.

As Barack Obama said the other day, it's a time to "pay tribute to our fallen heroes; and to remember the servicemen and women who cannot be with us this year because they are standing post far from home." He acknowledged that we have often "failed to give them the support they need" and promised that we are now "building a 21st century Department of Veterans Affairs with the largest single-year funding increase in three decades." Certainly veterans need better services and better access to them.

Some right-wing bloggers have been complaining about the President's confusion of Memorial day and Veterans day, but it seems reasonable to consider the larger context of what is being honored. We would not be remembering dead soldiers if they hadn't once been live soldiers.

We would also not be remembering so many dead soldiers if more of them had followed the model of Ehren Watada, the first commisioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq. Last week he won a legal victory when the Justice Department dropped efforts to retry him after his court martial ended in a mistrial. But the Army still wants to punish him for declaring the Iraq war illegal and immoral, and for having the courage to call out "the deception . . . used to initiate and process this war."

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