Melanated Mindfulness

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Airs at: Sat, 02/06/2021 at 10:00pm - 12:00am
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A Conversation about BIPOC Mental Health!!

Every 1st Saturday, 10pm - Midnight

“Melanated Mindfulness” is a monthly hour-long program with a purpose to give Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities a voice and platform when it comes to addressing mental health in our communities.  We can all work together to recognize and address mental health and the stigmas of mental illness. But to do so, we must understand where it comes from and why it is so ingrained in our culture.


To be a BIPOC person in America means that on some level you are dealing with trauma, discrimination, or trials of some kind just because you exist. BIPOC need a safe space to relieve these burdens and buildup of pain in our hearts and minds. Historically we have dealt with a tremendous number of disparities in areas such as mental health care access, health care and treatment, socioeconomic status, and conscious and unconscious provider bias, just to name a few. Many of us have not always trusted many of the health care systems that are here to serve. These realities easily make us more susceptible to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  This program will strive to be that safe space for the voiceless battling mental illness. This is the time to inform and empower our communities with the vital resources we need so if you have any comments, topics, or want to be on the air, email us at Love yourself and please love each other.

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Melanated Mindfulness on 01/02/21

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