Afro Caribbean & Reggae Marathon

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Join KBOO in our first African, Caribbean and Reggae Music Marathon-  a treat to our listeners- featuring the talents and tastes of our KBOO DJs.
Remember when Reaggaton or Kuduro hit? Still love the Rock Steady groove or need a jolt of Zouk?
The KBOO African, Caribbean and Reggae Music Marathon will "wind you up" in the urgency and energy of Reggae, Cumbia, Kwaito, Zouk, Afro-Latin, Kuduro, Reggaeton, and more, in an immersive experience. 
Hear long time hosts and new voices serve you a personal, cultural perspective...close to the creative, cutting edge of emerging new genres...
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Bachata and Merengue with DJ Panaflex

Airs at: Sun, 10/24/2021 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm
From the heart of the Caribbean, DJ Panaflex brings you two very important ingredient's in the region's musical DNA, bachata and merengue. These two sounds, born in the Dominican Republic of a synergy of African, European, and Taino influences have become the country's chi... Read more