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Fri, 02/20/2015 - 10:00am to 10:15am
Investigative journalist, Janet Phelan leads us through the mortgage labyrinth to the judge's door

Corrupt Judges Cuyahoga County
Janet Phelan
I am writing you with a number of further concerns about Cuyahoga County Magistrate David M. Mills. What I have uncovered in the intervening time between our first email exchange has led me to question his fitness for his position.
David M. Mills, prior to ascending to a position of magistrate at Cuyahoga County Court, was a "dead beat Dad."  Followng the  divorce to his first wife, Katherine Mills, she appealed to the court  on several occasions  to have him compelled to pay  child support for their sole child. The support requirements were a mere $70 a month, hardly backbreaking. One must question how an individual with this history could possibly be considered fit for a family court assignment. I understand that Mills has climbed the ladder at Cuyahoga Court and is now in a directorial position.
In addition, questions remain unresolved about his financial affairs. Two loans taken out on  property--- the house shared with his second wife, Pamela Sabo,  do not appear to be satisfied.
Here are the AFN numbers of concern:  00641399; 00429489
If you have other input concerning these transactions I would appreciate being so alerted.
There are growing concerns in several sectors that judges are using home loans to receive inappropriate monies; ie money laundering. It is my understanding that a federal lawsuit is brewing, naming judges in a number of jurisdictions as involved in this scheme. Given these issues, Mills' loan history is of concern.
I am also wondering what happened to the foreclosure case. I see where both Mills and his ex-wife, Katherine, were served with foreclosure notice. I see then where Katherine filed for bankruptcy, which derailed the foreclosure, then shortly thereafter canceled her bankruptcy case. I am wondering how the over $30,000 owed on the property was subsequently paid.
During his tenure on the bench in Cuyahoga County, Mills also represented several parties in both Cuyahoga and also in Lorain County. I understand that you are alleging that he received no compensation for these cases. We will need to set up an arrangement wherein his financial records for the relevant time periods are opened up for review.
Parenthetically, I also see where Mills was subject to several civil rights lawsuits. Strangely, these suits were never heard but were quickly dismissed by other judges, who may have been in a position to try to protect Mills.

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