Exploring Oregon's Marine Reserves, Part Three - Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and Redfish Rocks


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Michael Gaskill
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Fri, 09/02/2022 - 9:00am to 9:30am


This is part three of our series celebrating 10 years of Oregons Marine Reserve Program. For those who arent familiar, a Marine Reserve is an area within coastal waters dedicated to scientific research and conservation.

Think of it as a combination of an underwater State Park, a wildlife preserve, and a living laboratory!

Here in Oregon, we have five designated Marine reserves. From North to South, they are located offshore of Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and way down South near Port Orford, Redfish Rocks.

In part one, we got a great high level overview of Oregon's Marine Reserve System with former Marine Reserve Program Leader, Cristin Don.

In part two, we heard from Nadia Gardner with Cape Falcon on the North Coast, and Duncan Berry with Cascade Head near Lincoln City.

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Ok, back to todays episode! For part three of our Marine Reserve series, well hear from folks representing community groups supporting Otter Rock (Roy Anderson), Cape Perpetua (Katy Bear Nalven), and Redfish Rocks (Tom Calvanese).


Released on 08-22-2022




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