A Bleak Budget Outlook for Public Broadcasters


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Sources of funding continue to contract

Here's an article from the New York Times about how public broadcasters are facing ever-shrinking revenue sources.  KBOO is grateful for its members, and in my department we extend additional thanks to our program underwriters.  If you would like to promote your work while contributing to this vital community resource, consider becoming a KBOO underwriter.  You can learn more at kboo.fm/underwriting, by sending an email to underwriting@kboo.org, or calling Justin at 503/231-8032.



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<p><span style="font-size: large;"><strong>Okay, now let me qualify that. The public, as individual donors, send us most (80%) of our revenue.</strong></span></p>
<p><span style="font-size: large;">But we receive no public money in the sense of government funds.&nbsp; Not for several years now, and while it has had an impact, we've adjusted and are likely in a far better place financially than public stations (read: NPR, PBS) would be if these short-sighted and politically motivated cuts are enacted.<br>
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