Itoco Gracia: the Intrepid Principal of Cherryland Elementary

Itoco Garcia, education activist
At the United States justice forum in San Jose California this year I had the oppertunity to see Itoco Garcia speak at the Rap Academy PMA. Garcia came from  bi-ricaial parents and spent time in the highlands of Scotland when he was a youngster. Landing in 3rd grade in the United States, unable to read at the "third grade level" but was able to knit, sew, speak a few languages and do advanced math he realized that on some levels the United States public school system has major issues. Some child developement experts say that a childs abliity to form a working narative from the writen word in negligable. Itoco said that since children don't get a lot of benefit from reading until around 7 years old why not focus on voicing, small motor function and math learnng activities. Suffice it to say that standardize tests and the study guide from which our modern educators are forced to teach from have little to do with eduating our humans to be better people. They are being indoctiranted instead of educated.  

In no way did the son of a Nurse and a doctor want to be a teacher. He grew up resenting the apperatus that kept him locked up and unchallenged. Ironically, Garcia did end up doing some work as a substitute teacher. At that time he saw, through the eyes of a grown man, the disparities between what children are being told to do and what children need to thrive and have a good life.

Please listen to the recording I made of Itoco Garcia on June 26,2015 at the Social Justice Forum.
Today, Friday July 17,2015, on KBOO Radio.

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