KBOO Board & Bylaw Election Results


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kboo election results

Dear KBOO Members-

Thank you for taking time to vote in our annual election. KBOO would like to congratulate Paula Small, Devin Russo, Chris Andreae, and Keller Henry, these four will be KBOO's new board members starting in October.

KBOO would like to thank Louis Sowa, Deena Barnwell and Ivonne Rivero for having served on the board of directors. We really appreciate the time and energy that you have dedicated to the station.

Neither bylaw proposal passed. In order for a bylaw change to be passed, it must receive 2/3 of voting total and not just a simple majority.

Results are attached.

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I have to  express  strong disagreement with Devin.  KBOO is a rare kind of nonprofit because the members have the power to remove all directors without cause; they also gave sole power to approve new bylaws as well as to  changie the current  bylaws, More to the point, while there's no chance that KBOO membership will disapprove the colors usef in decorating the bathrooms, the fiduciary duties of the directors ,  stated to include loyalty to the nonprofit  orgsnization necessarily involve the duty  of loyalty to the  membership.. Nowhere does it say that the directors are supposed only to represent the members, No, the directors  have delegated authority which can be taken away at the will of the membersip, The directors also have the duty to obey Bylaws and statutes.

First and foremost, I would take a look at the election results. The four of us that were elected were elected with a large mandate. None of the "angry mob" candidates were elected. Why is this? It is because the "angry mob"... hereafter know as AM only represent a very small minority of the electorate. I think that it is unfortunate that a very small minority of members have the right to rail road the vast majority of members that voted for these four electors.
Never in any of my statements did I indicate that the BOD could disobey a bylaw. Nowhere. It is apparent to me that the AM refuse to take this opportunity to start of a new foot. The new board members still have not been seated and yet you are already on the attack. Sore losers? I am very sorry that you feel the way that you do. I am still open to honest, thoughtful and considerate discussions with all parties, but not at the behest of the majority of members that wish the BOD to uphold their duty to the majority and not the minority of members in the AM.