Civil Liberties

Back from the brink

 While I'm still processing the full import of Obama's win -- I'll blog about it more later -- one very, very encouraging item that's popped up is his intention to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. From Spencer Ackerman:   Less than a week after his election, and more than... Read more

US Deploys Military Domestically First Time

Airs at: Wed, 10/22/2008 at 5:00pm
Produced for Evening News
For the first time ever, the US is deploying a military unit inside the United States.  KBOO news reporter Jacob Anderson-Minshall speaks with an ACLU representative about the issues involved, especially the lack of information about why the unit was deployed and what it wi... Read more

The new poll tax

The great Rachel Maddow on the modern poll tax: (still working on embedding video. Watch it anyway, foo!) (H/T, Pandagon) -A   Read more

End of the Republican era

 The always-excellent Sidney Blumenthal, writing in the Guardian: Today's election is poised to end the Republican era in American politics - an era that began in reaction to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, the Vietnam war and the civil rights revolution, was pioneered by Ri... Read more

Just voted!

 Just dropped off the ol' ballot. It feels pretty good. It's hard to believe that this interminable election campaign (far, far too long) is nearly over. It's hard, too, to untie all the emotions that are bound up with it, at least for me. For those of you who listen to the ... Read more

Naomi Wolf Live: Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, PT 2

Airs at: Wed, 10/29/2008 at 12:00am
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Naomi Wolf, author of Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries is interviewd for We The People by contributor Linda Olson-Osterlund.  She talks about what she calls a coup by the Bush administration. In Part 2 she answers calls from Kboo listeners and talks ... Read more

Naomi Wolf Live: Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, PT 1

Airs at: Wed, 10/29/2008 at 12:00am
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Author and Lecturer Naomi Wolf is interviewed  by We The People contributor Linda Olson-Osterlund and then opens up to listener calls. The dicussion includes her travels around the country warning of the rapidly closing democracy in the United States and what she believes h... Read more

Ban The Box

Airs at: Sun, 10/26/2008 at 5:00pm
Produced for Prison Pipeline
Prison Pipeline presents another CR10 report. The subject - Ban the Box - Portland's own Patty Katz from Partnerships for Safety and Justice speaks a the workshop in California and tells her story of crime, incarceration and now her crusade with PS&J to "Ban the Box" fro... Read more

End game

 We knew it would come down to this. The Republicans can't win on the issues. The well of fear-mongering has run dry. Most Americans now realize that Barack Obama is, in fact, black. So they're trying to steal it, like we knew they would. The long-expected voter purges have ... Read more

Interview: Andy Worthington talks about the Presidential Election & Guantanamo

Airs at: Sun, 10/26/2008 at 5:00pm
Produced for Radiozine
Andy Worthington Author of The Guantanamo Files: The stories of the 774 Detainees in America's Illegal Prison talks with host Linda Olson-Osterlund about the most recent developments at Guantanamo and what difference the upcoming Presidential election will make to the priso... Read more