Lady Danger Subs for Rizatek

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Sat, 08/29/2020 - 3:00am to 6:00am
Roses from Rose to Lady Danger

Disclaimer: When it comes to electronic, new wave, 80s and house music DJ Rizatek is the best thing that happpened to thid GD city.

Tonight Lady Danger is subbing in for Fearless Frequancy- No electronic, only powerviolance!



electronic deads- self titiled- 1982 (Danish hardcore band!)
Tozibabe- Dezuje- 1986 (from Serbia and Montenegro formally known as Yugoslavia!) 
Disarm- Domd- 1986 (Sweedeeeen!!)
CHarles Bronson- Youth Attack - 1997 - Coalition records (USA)
Drop Dead- a lot of thier songs - 1994 (USA)
********poetry and then some*****
No Comment- downside and self titled -  (north hollywood babes)
Apartment 213 (text the Lady danger hotline and win a prize if you get the refrence- fNO GOOGLE)- Vacancy 7'- 1994
The system- The warfare- 1982
Crass- Mother Earth (yall, know i'm obsessed w this one)
****poetry and missed connections***
Bad Brains - rock for life - 1079 (ya ya, i know i love this one too)
Sister Nancy - BamBam 
Rubba- Wrong Star
No one and the sombodies - 2007 - super nice people and very responsive online
Brand New- Mistape (just a little nostogia for ya)
A silver Mt. Zion - Blown out joy from heaven's mercied hole! (woof that a mouthful- THATS WHAT SHE SAID!)


g'night, stay safe and dude, come on, get your shit together.


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