Between the Covers on 08/06/20

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Thu, 08/06/2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am
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Hello: I tuned in at around 11:15 this morning and there was a discussion going on about nuclear waste at Hanford- and a call-in?- from someone who had been raised in Boardman. He was sick and generations of his family was sick....Dupont was involved somehow in waste disposal (?perhaps nuclear waste) there... but I didn't catch the names involved- is there a book? Can I find that segment (8/6 11-11:40) on air...the show didn't sound like Book Talk, and I think it didn't end until 11:40, so I am confused. Would appreciate information so I can pursue it further. Thank you.

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This is from a fellow GRC member, asking for time that would be on your slot--

pasting from the email--

11 AM PDT / 12 PM MDT / 1 PM CDT / 2 PM EDT
Nationwide Simulcast of "EVERYTHING" by Mary J. Blige

August 13, 2020 will mark five months since EMT Breonna Taylor was
awoken from her sleep and brutally murdered in her apartment by
Louisville Metro Police Officers acting on bad information. No arrests
have been made, no information has been shared, and two of the three
police officers who were present that evening remain on the force. The
protesters that demand justice have been targeted by police, as have the
journalists who have been providing them with coverage. Our city has
been turned upside down and the tensions remain on edge.

It is our hope that you will join us in commemoration of Breonna Taylor
and the many other female victims of American police brutality by
playing the song "Everything" by Mary J. Blige on Thursday, August 13th
at 2 PM Eastern time.

This song was selected by her family as they told us Breonna loved music
and this was one of her favorite songs at the time of her passing. In
playing this song collectively we can send a call for justice and a
message of peace directly from Breonna and her family deep into the
heart of a country so harshly divided.

If you wish to take the broadcast one step further, ART FM will be
creating a short audio piece to accompany the song. This will include a
message from Breonna's family, a reading of names, as well as audio from
the Louisville protests. This will be available on Pacifica Audioport
or via email in the days ahead of the event.

We were able to get some great synergy for the George Floyd simulcasts,
I hope you all will show up in equal force for the ladies! Please let
me know if your station is willing to participate in this nationwide
collective action by sending your call letters and city of license as
soon as possible so we can have a list to share with the press.


In Solidarity,

Sharon Scott & Tia Coatley
WXOX 97.1 FM Louisville

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