The Covid-19 Pandemic from someone who works in a grocery story


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Mon, 04/20/2020 - 5:45pm to 6:00pm
An interview with Nicole, Grocery Store Associate

We are working long days, we're working long weeks, and long hours. We want to be able to go home with our family and friends as well. But we're putting our our health at risk away from our families instead of saying home because this is part of the job and this is what people need.”


Suzanne LaGrande interviews Nicole, a grocery store associate with 20 years experience, about her experience of being an essential worker during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In this interview, she talks about:

  • Working in grocery store during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Working Conditions for Grocery Store Workers
  • Wages and Health Insurance for Grocery Workers
  • Working without Health Insurance
  • Valuing the Work that Essential Workers Do
  • Making Working Conditions Safer For Everyone
  • One Way of Supporting Essential Workers: Saying Thank You

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