Connecting Women Prisoners with Their Children

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Mon, 01/27/2020 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Family Preservation Project

Host Karen James is joined by Jessica Katz, director of the Family Preservation Project (FPP), and by Shanoa Williams and Vanessa Sherrod, both FPP alumni who were recently released from Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.  The Family Preservation Project , a program of the YWCA of Greater Portland, helps incarcerated women form relationships with their families.  At Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Oregon’s only women’s prison, the FPP connects hundreds of women with their children by teaching parenting skills and providing supervised visits in prison.  It also helps support the women after they release from prison.  In the 2019 Oregon legislative session, the Family Preservation Project was left unfunded.  During the short 2020 Oregon legislature which begins on February 3rd, HB 4131 will be introduced and, if passed by the legislature, will secure funding for the Project. 

HB 4131

Family Preservation Project


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