The Politics of Living - Episode 21

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Wed, 11/07/2018 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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Because life is political.

Hosted by:  Vicky Mazzone

Content Contributors
Inessa Anderson (Emma Willman – Producer: Inessa Anderson)
Kristin Thiel (She Ra Solution – Producer: Kristin Thiel)
ML lauri - Let’s Stop For a Minute (Producer: ML lauri)
Vicky Mazzone – Jax Wheatley (Producer: Vicky Mazzone)

Technical Assistance
Vicky Mazzone (Executive Producer)
Dennise M. Kowalczyk  (Web)

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Today’s show deals with taxes, comedy, and choosing your happiness.   Contributor Inessa Anderson presents a phone conversation with the queen of New York comedy; on the She Ra Solution, Kristin Thiel delves into the life of the first African American woman appointed judge; ML lauri further explores our unconscious choices and what makes us happy.  But first, Vicky Mazzone sits down with Jax Wheatley who provides critical information the sweeping changes to tax laws in 2018 and how those changes will impact many people. Jax is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of Rainbow Tax and Accounting.