Dennis Eichhorn's Real Good Stuff - Extended Uncensored Audio

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Thu, 12/12/2013 - 12:00am
Words and Pictures for December 2013 - Extended Uncensored Audio

Venerable underground writer Dennis Eichhorn is notorious for his outrageous true-life adventures, which since the 1970's have been collected in such comics titles as Real Stuff and such books as The Legend of Wild Man Fischer.  Dennis has collaborated with dozens of comics artists over the years, including Pat Moriarity and J.R. Williams, who, along with Poochie Press' Tom Van Deusen, have been helping him launch a brand new compilation, Dennis P. Eichhorn's Real Good Stuff.  Dennis, Pat, and J.R. join host S.W. Conser in the KBOO studios and share hair-raising stories of a Pacific Northwest much wilder than the contemporary popular image.

In this extended and uncensored cut of the December 2013 Words & Pictures interview, Dennis, Pat, and J.R. regale listeners with true tales too edgy for broadcast radio.  Enjoy!