Ico the Autistic Love Mystic

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Fri, 06/02/2023 - 9:30am to 10:00am
Interview with Ico about coaching for people on the autism spectrum about dating

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Neurodiverse Queer Portland Dating Event (for 21 years and older) Registration, Thu, Jun 8, 2023 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

Neurodiverse Dating Event for Portland Area Neurodiverse People (21 yrs+) Registration, Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

Ico, (pronounced Ee-Co) is the Autistic Love Mystic and uses They/Them pronouns. They are the founder of Enlightened Consent Foundation, which is a nonprofit creating sacred sanctuary spaces for people to explore their sexual identities and intimate desires without being blamed, shamed, nor be told that they’re bad nor wrong, or worse yet, get beat up on dating apps.

Ico is on the autism spectrum and over the last 19 years and more than 300 hours of training in sex, love, relationships and recovery from trauma, Ico has learned how to create romantic relationships and experience consensual intimate encounters for both themselves and their clients. A core part of their message is around asking “What is right for the heart?’ And exploring the possibilities, because doing anything less is literally killing yourself and your loved ones around you!

Ico is also a 2 time internationally best-selling co-author of the love and relationship books: “Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life” and “Ignite Love: Real Stories of Defining Love and Manifesting More of it in Your Everyday Life”.

What Enlightened Consent means to Ico is that as long as the people directly involved are consenting and honoring their existing relationship agreements, it doesn’t matter what anyone else outside of that thinks or feels about it. Ico believes that autistic people are worthy, capable, and deserving of being in healthy, loving, consensual romantic relationships.

In February 2023, Ico launched a group coaching program for people on the autism spectrum who are confused by dating so they can create romantic relationships and intimate encounters that make sense to how their autistic mind works. As a high-functioning autistic person, Ico brings their life experiences as well as their 10 years coaching experience to help autistic people go from feeling hopeless, unlovable and confused around dating to feeling confident, lovable and certain that they can easily create new romantic relationships and experience the intimacy and love that they want with others.

We invite you to get a free Guide called How to Understand Relationships Better by going to https://createyourideallovelife.com/tips


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