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Wed, 05/24/2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Jason Kafoury, Honesty in Elections Oregon
KC Hanson Chair of  the Democratic Party of Oregon

In this episode, we spoke with two local political powerhouses, Jason Kafoury, attorney, and KC Hanson. former Chair of  the Democratic Party of Oregon.

First up, we had a great discussion with Jason Kafoury, a local attorney and member of Honest Elections Oregon (a good governance group) who wants to move forward with Campaign Finance Reform at the state level. 

Examples of the need include Shamia Fagin's resignation over ethics concerns related to campaign finance.

Jason tells us about current Campaign Finance Reform issues, incluing $80M in political contributions that impacted our elections in 2022. Kafoury offered us an example of people like Phil Knight taking away the voices of normal Oregon voters. In 2020, Oregonians gave the Oregon State Congress the go ahead with the overall passage of Measure 107 which  authorizes the state legislature and local governments to enact laws that curb campaign contributions and expenditures, among other things. (billopedia.org, 2020). The bill passed with over 78% of the vote, yet, Campaign Finance is still a huge issue in our state elections. 

You can connect with them to help collect signatures. Ballot Measure IP9, learn more at www.Honest-elections.org 

KC Hanson. former Chair of  the Democratic Party of Oregon, talks with us about campaign Equal Right for All - Yes on SJR 33

In the shadow of the abortion rights repeal, Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas started talking about taking away voting rights and gay marriage legislation. In January 2023, Oregon legislatures put forward a bill to protect LGBT communities. SJR 33 expands protections for people in communities and affirms marriage equality and transgender care access.

The Senate passed SJR 33 in the Rules committee, Right to Life Oregon is fighting passage. The senate walkout has stalled the legislation from being passed, along with others.


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