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Tue, 03/01/2011 - 12:00am
Dmae talks with Harold Phillips, Micki Selvitella, Ryan Copple about the future of the web series


Harold Phillips & Micki Selvitella

Dmae Roberts explores the growing landscape of the web series via an actor, director and producer working on three different projects. Actor Harold Philips and Director Micki Selvitella, both theatre artists, will tell us what it's like to work on web series in Portland. Then Ryan Copple, co-creator of SyFy.com's Riese: Kingdom Falling will share his experiences working on one of the most successful web series that received 1.2 million streams in two months. 

Harold Phillips "Animus_Cross" w/DP Andy Batt, Leslie Garbett, Jerry Buxbaum & Writer/Dir AL Steen


Harold Phillips is a long-time Portland stage and film actor . He  has appeared in several web-based entertainment projects, including Lady Wasteland, Animus Cross, Vicky Vixen, the interactive movie The Outbreak motion comic Y-Me. He's involved with several online projects at various stages of development, including Born Hero currently in production) The Episodic Adventures of Dex Dixon - currently in development) and Vicky Vixen . 

'F22" starring Mandy Stefanczak


Micki Selvitella has directed many productions in Portland theatres.When a college friend pitched her an idea for a web series pilot, she was intrigued. Selvitella directed and was head writer of the first episode ofF22.  F22 is an action/suspense sci-fi series that focuses on a young photographer who's been told her parents died in a car crash. Years later, she's given some old footage showing her parents were killed by a shadowy government agency.

Ryan Copple of 'Riese' 

Ryan Copple is a Vancouver, BC writer, editor and co-creator (with Kaleena Kiff) of the award-winning steam-punk digital series Riese narrated by Sanctuary and Stargate SG1star Amanda Tapping. The series began as an indie online series and then was picked up for season 2 by the SyFy Channel to run online last fall. The series featured actors from many well-known television series.Riese was so successful that SyFy ordered another indie online web series called Mercury Men.

We'll find out if web series are the new way for television and film projects to get their foot into the door of network and cable channels.  Join us for a fun talk about the broadening creative world of the digital series.

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