The Way to Food Forest Abundance with Jim Gale

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Jack Eidt
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Wed, 09/14/2022 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Many people are aware of the Victory Gardens that were hallmarks of WWI and WWII, where people in the United States and in other countries were growing food at home to supplement rations, reduce pressure on the food supply and lift morale.

We are in a similar, yet different moment now, having experienced food security and supply chain issues during the pandemic, the urgency of climate change as evidenced by flash floods and intensive wildfires, as well civil wars, economic and humanitarian crises. Uncertainties about energy, overburdened and aging power grids, and rising food costs are all perfect motivations to grow food at home. During the pandemic, a quiet gardening boom began. Now, it is estimated that roughly 42% of people are growing their own food. Food forests are a means to reconnect to the world around us, establish resilient communities, benefit the ecosystem overall, vitalize our health, and restore habitat for pollinators and our animal relatives.

In this episode, Jim Gale, CEO and Chief Storyteller of the organization Food Forest Abundance [], shares about the potential of thriving food forests to meet and transcend the issues of our times.

After planning the concept of abundance gardening for over 15 years, Jim Gale launched his Food Forest Abundance program on Earth Day 2021. Gale, a permaculturist, encourages everyone to ditch their grass-filled front and back lawns and replace them with an edible forest. Food Forest Abundance works with many institutions across the US and fifteen countries including schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, parks, as well as homeowners associations, restaurants, and others.


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