Josh Roberts

KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

There are three reasons I would like to serve as a board member with KBOO. First, as a past not-for-profit board trustee, I could bring a host of governance skills to the station. Among these are strategic planning development and oversight, audit and nominating committee service and skills partnering with leadership. Second, as a community member and volunteer in Portland for the previous 23 years, I have a familiarity with our city and region including the progressive and changing atmosphere and special place in the hearts and minds of the community. Finally, as a business leader whose work has involved embracing creativity and diversity in the workplace, I’ve lead or participated in myriad events and activities that celebrate the spectrum of civic interests.

Trustee Experience

I was fortunate to serve on the board of directors at Advantis Credit Union from 2007-2015 and helped move it through multiple stages of growth and development. This includes leadership through the financial crisis of 2008, the search for a new CEO, the recruitment of new trustees, the achievement of reaching strategic goals for assets under management, and leadership through community involvement and giving campaigns. What that time taught me most was the necessity of patience and flexibility during good and bad economic times and openness to new ideas as the world of not-for-profit finance changed and grew.

Business Leadership

Since 2000 I have lived and worked in Portland and its suburbs. I’ve always worked primarily in the healthcare sector. During this time, I worked in federal and state sectors, for-profit and notfor-profit tax designations, and very large to very small business sizes. This work taught me primarily operational leadership, but also how to manage human resources, marketing, finance, information systems, compliance, project management and all facets of business support functions. What I learned most was the necessity and primary importance of relationships with people and how this is the key to successful results.

Community Volunteer

As a community and neighborhood volunteer, I’ve taken an active part in service to others. This includes:
• President of my HOA
• SMART Reader Program volunteer
• Trail rover in the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
• Driver for the American Cancer Society
• Volunteer with the Oregon Food Bank
• Volunteer at the Goose Hollow Family Shelter
• Member and volunteer in local professional clubs and professional associations
• Volunteer tutoring math at Willamette Elementary School in West Linn.
I know what’s involved in being active in my neighborhood and how important it is to connect with not only the local community but also with people you have no relationship with at all.


Reflecting on the KBOO Core Values and their descriptions there were certain words that stood out to me. These words and how I describe them below are how I think I can fit with the Board culture at KBOO. They include: inclusivity, peace, positive, respectful, listening, responsible, experimental and compelling.

Inclusivity – I value allowing people to join in the discussion and have a voice.
Peace – Given our contemporary world, what we need most right now are more messages of peace.
Positive – Positivity makes one want to participate in whatever the topic might be, and the more participation, the better the outcome.
Respectful – We have lost a certain amount of respect for each other, and we need to now move back towards respecting others for how different they may be.
Listening – We need more people in more settings, listening to understand others, instead of always talking and planning a response.
Responsible – People and businesses must be more responsible with the products, messages, and services they give to others.
Experimental – We all need to step outside ourselves and outside of the normal, to find the new and interesting ways to live our lives.
Compelling – People need to be moved to act; they need messages and information to help them do this.


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