Reunite with old programming at KBOO - March 25! 

KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 5:30pm

Reunite with old news and public affairs programming here at KBOO! 

Please join us on Saturday, March 25 for an ARCHIVAL DATABASE EDIT-a-Thon and Party! We'll reminisce with current & past volunteers to add missing information to the KBOO archives memory bank! This event is open to the public.

If you know how to add material to the archive database, we’ll set you up with content or with a human KBOO Memory bank--our KBOO programmers! If you are a human KBOO Memory bank, we’ll set you up with an archivist. Our goal is for each team to edit 10 database records.

Shifts will be 10am-1pm, and 1pm - 4pm. Please bring your own laptop if you have one.

Please RSVP to Selena ( with the following information:

  • What is your first and last name (and any other names you have been known by)?
  • What is your phone number (only used for purposes of contacting you about this event)?
  • Are/were you a current or former KBOO volunteer/staff/board? Yes/No
    • If so, what years were you active?
    • What are/were the names of public affairs programs you worked on?
    • Do you have paper documentation of KBOO public affairs programming, i.e. episode cues or notes?
  • Are you able to bring your own laptop?