KBOO Community Radio Response To Recent Allegations:

Published date: 
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 3:23pm
Response to our community, members, supporters, and volunteers.

It is with a deep and heavy concern that KBOO Community Radio must address our community, members, supporters, and volunteers about the recent statements made about KBOO Community Radio by a current employee.

KBOO has been committed to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, and community at-large by having posted at our radio station, online, and as part of KBOO’s board of directors bylaws and procedures packet the following: the KBOO mission and vision statements, the KBOO house rules, the KBOO core values. KBOO also has a program charter that informs our approach to this work in community media, and we are developing conflict resolution policies and procedures for KBOO staff and volunteers.

KBOO Community Radio takes the health and safety of our community seriously. In fact, we demonstrate accountability by way of our Beloved Community, instituted in order to remedy and correct abusive and oppressive behaviors. We have worked diligently to ensure that these community trainings and gatherings occur every month or more; they are open to the public, and KBOO staff and volunteers are required to attend.

KBOO management and board members have worked since the spring of 2017 to investigate the matters brought to our attention by Pamela K. Santos, and to address the situation appropriately between KBOO management, KBOO board, and the KBOO staff union. KBOO management has made many attempts to ensure that we provide the best options for a safety work plan for this KBOO community member. We are currently in negotiations with Pamela K. Santos and will continue that process in good faith.

KBOO management and the board of directors have taken appropriate steps to ensure Pamela K. Santos’ safety as an employee of KBOO Community Radio, as KBOO has done and will always continue to do for all of our members, employees, and volunteers. We will continue to abide by KBOO Community Radio’s mission and vision statements, house rules, core values, program charter, by-laws, processes and procedures, and the Beloved Community structure while staying accountable to our communities and improving our internal policies to continue to comply with all applicable laws that may govern our organization.

We truly appreciate your support for KBOO and promise KBOO’s support in return. For further inquiries, please email manager@kboo.fm / onthegroundkboo@gmail.com, or call (503) 875-0826.


Sekoynia Wright

KBOO Board President

On behalf of KBOO's Board Of Directors