The Why and How of Monthly Deductions


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A great way to increase support for KBOO while reducing its impact to you.

Since its creation over two decades ago, KBOO donors have heartily embraced our monthly giving program.  And why not?  Automatic monthly giving is a really easy, and secure, way to give a little more to your favorite radio station, while reducing the impact of each donation on your budget.  And I speak from experience, as I've donated via EFT for the last 15 years with no glitches whatsoever.

Today, roughly 1/3 of our contributing members give directly through their bank account each month.  This provides a very stable source of income in between other large fundraising projects, allowing us to budget more predictably.  Those donors contribute nearly 40% of our annual membership revenue, so we obviously value them highly...and want more listeners to join in.


It's very easy to start a new monthly deduction either online, during a membership drive, or simply by calling our offices.  We just need your mailing information, the amount you choose to contribute monthly ($5.00/month minimum) and we'll send you a copy of the form to sign, date and return to us with a check for the first month's payment.  We'll start your deduction the following month.  Simple!  And you'll never have to worry about your KBOO membership expiring again.

I know that many of you no longer have physical checks, so in those instances, you can ask your bank to mail you the routing and account number information for the account you want to use.  Send that to us with your signed form instead.


If you already have a monthly deduction running with KBOO but want to change either the amount you donate, or the account from which we draw it, then you simply need to make a quick phone call or send us a note in the (e)mail. 


(a little about email insecurity)

Most account information changes occur over the phone directly with KBOO's Membership Director.  If you are simply changing the amount of your donation, but not the account, feel free to email that info.  You can also cancel your deduction anytime via email, the phone or physical mail.  It's as simple as contacting the membership department, letting us know who you are and stating that you'd like to stop your monthly deduction.  You'll receive a confirmation call or email once the cencallation has occurred.

If you have any questions about monthly deductions, contact our Membership Director, 503.231.8032 x 207.

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