Less than 7 days left to vote in KBOO election


KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

Time is running out to vote.

Board candidate on-air forum audio is available through this post.

The KBOO Annual Meeting takes place Sunday September 19th 1PM at Tabor Space - 5441 SE  Belmont.  This year's ballot has 12 candidates vying to fill 4 open seats on the KBOO  board.  There are also 2 proposed changes to the KBOO Bylaws on which members can vote.

Two on-air forums were held this week in which board candidates responded to questions.  Links to that audio are right here:  Tuesday, September 7  &  Wednesday September 8

Additionally, two on-air forums related to the 2 proposed bylaw changes were held Thursday September 9 and Friday September 10.

Member participation in the annual election is highly desired, so please take a little time in the next week or so to carefully review board candidate statements, as well as the proposed changes to KBOO's Bylaws before casting your vote.  The easiest way to vote is to drop your ballot in the envelope provided, sign the outside of it, stamp it and put it in the mail. 

Ballots must be received via mail by Friday September 17th, or brought to the KBOO Annual Meeting Sunday September 19th at Tabor Space - 5441 SE  Belmont - and cast before 3:00 pm PDT.  Ballots are not accepted at the KBOO studios.

If you feel like you should have received a ballot but didn't, email the Membership Director.  He'll confirm your membership status, mailing address and send a replacement ballot as needed. 

If you are not a current KBOO member, but would like to vote in the election, join here, send in your membership payment, or stop by in person.  Ballots mailed to members after September 14th may need to be delivered in person to the annual meeting for counting depending on where you live.

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where is the discussion about the bylaws, the debates from last Thurs and Fri? We were told they would be on the KBOO site by the next day..Why are you not posting them? Hm?

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<p>The forum audio is on the website. Did you click on the links above? Right below where it says "Links to that audio is just below." you will see <a target="_blank" href="../../../../../node/23640">Tuesday, September 7</a>&nbsp; &amp;&nbsp; <a target="_blank" href="../../../../../node/23642">Wednesday September 8</a>. If you are having trouble please send me an email at development (at) kboo.org</p>

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<p>Here's a link for the one on the 10th. It's been there for a few days now. I know, this site can be have to navigate.</p>
<p>I&nbsp;noticed there were fewer callers than anticipated, even though it was advertised all day long. </p>

While the Board of Directors has a strong responsability to the membership, let us not forget that respect cuts both ways. When people are calling out members of the board as being nazis and facists, do you really expect to get a response to such verbage? The Board is a collective of human beings who have devoted their free time to serve the membership. They are not devoting their time to be yelled at or called names. It doesn't bother me in the least to hear out concerns that some members of the membership have. That is the right of the members. It is also the responsabilty of the Board to listen to these concerns. However, it is not the responsability of the board to act in ways that are counter to humanity by letting some members not only dominate discussion, but also to disrespect the time of other members as a result.
Respect is mutal. You have at your disposal four new members of the Board. What foot would you like to get off on? I certainly do not want my opinions based on anger or previous history, but on facts and constructive criticism.

<p>It's true-- the paid staff and board are expected to never disrespect the membership.&nbsp; In fact, our <a href="http://kboo.fm/node/23467">house rules</a> state that no one is to disparage anyone within KBOO-- no one-- not board member, staffer, volunteer, nor member.</p>
<p>Also-- it is important to note a false division between staff, board, and members.&nbsp; All staff are members of KBOO, all board members must be members of KBOO&nbsp;in order to serve on the board.&nbsp; We truly are all in this together.</p>

Just because something is "bugging" a member or volunteer, or in your case someone who's behavior is demonstrated to be unacceptable in the context of volunteering, does not oblige anyone to correct anything. KbOO has a structure that has been in place for 40 years. Your nonsensical demands to "return KBOO to the membership" demonstrate a lack of understanding. There is nothing to return, KBOO continues to be inclusive, just not for you, because you violated house rules to the point other members could not produce radio with you continuing to be involved with the station. You then refused to participate in the established process for resolving conflict. I don't see anything that needs to be corrected. It's clear that when you, personally do not get your way, like a child you cry "it's not fair." No one owes you anything, including an apology.

I have a great idea, and it's not rocket science!!  Since you think you know what you're talking about, but you get all your info from the rumor mills and/or people who don't care enough about you and KBOO to speak the truth----why don't you insist on an investigation as to what happened?!?!? 
Find out what the truth is---what a concept!!!  (And I bet it would inspire trust amongst the membership, and would help KBOO stop hemorraging members---and I bet it would allow KBOO to be a happy place, too..........)
Don't you think that some fact finding would lay a bunch of unresolved issues to rest?!?!  Let's see here:  on the one side of the scales are facts, and the other side of the scales has fluff....hmmmm, which weighs more?  Which is better for KBOO, prolonging this whole debate, or getting to the bottom of it?
That way, the people who keep running, and running, and running from accountability (and constructing elaborate scenarios geared toward maximizing their ability to hide) can just be kind to dear old KBOO and cut us all a break by not having KBOO pay for their personal problems?
Or, do you just want to fight about nothing forever?  Blame, blame, paranoid delusions, blah, blah, blah.  How is that good for KBOO?
Oh yeah, but if it's wrapped in pretty words and my goodness, solidarity speak, then poison's easier to swallow, isn't it? 
Choose your own poison, but stop trying to cram it down everyone's throats.  People are here to uphold KBOO, not destroy it.

will be found above.  Thanks for asking about the bylaw forum.

<p>fyi- The policies that discuss behavior at KBOO and disciplinary procedure, and are related to the bylaw change proposal, can be found on our website.</p>
<p>Policy 68- House Rules:&nbsp; http://kboo.fm/node/23467</p>
<p>Policy 69- Volunteer Discipline Code:&nbsp; http://kboo.fm/node/23468</p>

What difference do these codes make, if the chief proponents of them either break them themselves, or intentionally fail to enforce them (with their friends)?!?!?!?!!!!!

Ahh ... Yvette.  What difference the rules?  A familiar refrain from those who find any rules or procedures to be ... "discrimiation" or "un-democratic" ...
Sounds a lot like the "damn the FCC rules" during the last election.

Yvette, don't you see a pattern to your life, of people trying to escape, get away, even hide from you? When something unpleasant occurs repeatedly, to think you have no part in making that happen, is truly neurotic.

These proposed policy changes are a joke. This is how Becky, Judy, and Ani are trying to exclude those who do not think like them. 
These need to be voted down.

How can i make a descision if the facts are not available?

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<p>The audio for the forums are linked above. Look for <a href="http://kboo.fm/node/23640">Tuesday September 7th</a>, <a href="http://kboo.fm/node/23642">Wednesday September 8th </a>and <a href="http://www.kboo.fm/node/23658">Thursday September 9th</a>.</p>

Staff appears to have jumped the gun by appearing to ban a Board candidate from soliciting voted from KBOO members by speking at the September 19 Annual meeting.

That's a punch in the stomach to the idea  that KBOO is democratically run -

I'm referring to the banning of candidate Forrester from participating in any KBOO  activity  , whether it's a B oard meeting or the Blues Festival or the Annual meeting at which members may vote after they've had the chance to here the candidates speak, and after they have  chance to question  candidates.

In Forrester's case I don't see any sign that this broad banning was approved by the KBOO Director's; whether the Board approved or not heads should roll

sgd  KBOO Owner