National Love Your Pet Day

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Mon, 02/20/2023 - 8:00am to 9:00am


In commemoration of our awesome animal friends and family, who in one way or another bless our human lives, we take pause today to remember how important and utterly wonderful they are. 

For them! We celebrate National Love Your Pet Day here at KBOO 90.7FM Portland




Tune in to hear from our own producers, volunteers, hosts and even staff (former and present), as they tell us how much they love their animal family, and how important their presence truly is in their lives. Stories of connection, success, fun and camaraderie, as well as depth and a touch of realistic sadness. Living with our animals is an adventure of togetherness that enriches the lives of everyone involved, be them two-legged or four-legged beings! 



Delphine Criscenzo, former KBOO's Station Manager, mentor and volunteer for many years, shares with us her experiences with Maha, Kala, Pumpkin and Thumper, and the value of our animal friends in our evolution as homo sapiens.



Emma Lugo, current President of the KBOO Foundation, host and producer of Transpositive PDX, and member of the Prison Pipeline Collective, talks to us about her cats, and gives us poems about her feline family. 



Alon Raab, producer and co-host of the monthly show The Bike Show, gives us his thoughts about the value of our animal friends, as well as wisdom from his own life experiences in their presence. 



Barbara Bernstein, producer and host of weekly Monday morning classic KBOO Public Affairs show Locus Focus, talks about her dogs as they accompanied her in her journey as a radio producer. Even now, Maya is there next to Barbara as she strives to create excellent local radio activism.



Joyce Nance, member of the KBOO's board of directors, and soon to be programmer of one of the few local comedy shows at the station, discusses her life with her cats. Five awesome cats that blanket her life with more than fur and purrs, but love and inspiration!



Joseph Gallivan, producer and presenter of classic weekly KBOO show Art Focus, talks about M.87 (Matey) and Caramel. He shares with us warm family moments that his cats surely help define in their entirety. Some would say, what is an artist or an art lover without cats? 



Sherry Morisch, member of the board of directors at KBOO, and new programmer alongside Moses Ross, with their show ProgressivePDX, scheduled to premiere on Wednesday March 22nd 2023 @ 7pm, talks to us about her cats and parrots, and how precious and wonderful they are. 



You will also hear our own Phil Garfinkel, Underwriting Coordinator and veteran programmer for Grateful Dead and Friends, and he shares words and images about his soulmate dog, and then his cats, and how important they all are! Cats rule the world and they make some of the best supervisors we can have. And a dog can be the most powerful ally any human could have. Thanks Phil!!



And Michele Coppola, former producer and host of Voices For The Animals, current volunteer for our News Department, shares her thoughts, and how much animal friends and allies can positively mark everyone's lives. 


Our animals friends are life!!!












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