Life During Wartime

Life During Wartime started in 1995, and is on every other Wednesday night from 10 pm until midnight (PDT), here on KBOO. We play DIY Punk And Hardcore records, have live bands, and do a  local shows listing for the Portland area (annihilate this week ) right around 11pm.

We want your records!! Send them to Life During Wartime /PO BOX 1113 / Portland, OR / 97207-1113

If you have the misfortune of living outside of the Portland area, you can listen to the whole two hour show for two weeks at Live Band sets will also be posted on the website, eventually.

Coming Soon

Live In Studio Guests DARK SLASH LIGHT

Episode Archive

Life During Wartime on 02/03/16

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 02/03/2016 - 10:00pm - Thu, 02/04/2016 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Live in Studio: STEEL CHAINS

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/27/2016 - 10:00pm - Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Steel Chains from Portland Live
Live in Studio Guests STEEL CHAINS come on down...

Stefania - Vocals
Wolfgang - Guitar
Marty - Guitar
Samia - Bass
Colin - Drums

Life During Wartime on 01/20/16

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:00pm - Thu, 01/21/2016 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 01/06/16

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/06/2016 - 10:00pm - Thu, 01/07/2016 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 12/30/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 12/30/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 12/31/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Jonny Cat brings new test pressings!

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 12/16/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 12/17/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Jonny Cat! Test Pressings!
Jonny Cat from Jonny Cat Records joins us to play NEW test pressings from DARK/LIGHT, ANDY PLACE AND THE COOLHEADS, and a few more plus talk about THE GEARS documentary, and their upcoming performance at The Star Bar. Tune in!

Life During Wartime on 12/02/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 12/02/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 12/03/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 11/18/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 11/18/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 11/19/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 11/04/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 11/04/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 11/05/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime on 10/21/15

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 10/21/2015 - 10:00pm - Thu, 10/22/2015 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime (Music) with Host 10/21/2015 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:03PM-10:05PM (2:00) Mulltute “Welle” from Mulltute (12 Inch) on Heart First

10:05PM-10:09PM (3:35) The Visitors “electric heat” from Electric heat on Deep Cuts Records


Interview with Bob Suren

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/21/2015

Erin Yanke talks with punk rock author Bob Suren about his new book "Crate Digger", the cautionary tale of record collecting, the importance of trying new things, and the importance of culture and ethics in our scene. bob Suren will be in Portland Oct 24th Saturday: - Courier Coffee at 3pm, and Discourage Records at 7pm and at  9pm on Oct 25th Sunday at Blackwater venue.

  • Length: 15:50 minutes (14.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

10th Anniversary of The Know

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Thu, 01/08/2015
The Know, the iconic bar on NE Alberta, is turning 10 years-old in January! They are celebrating by honoring each year with a monstrous show that’ll feature both long-standing 'staples' of the scene, as well as feisty up-and-comers!! These shows truly exemplify a HUGE cross-section of the musical landscape that’s featured within our walls!
We spoke with Dave Rose about all this on January 7th at KBOO. Interview by Erin Yanke
MON JAN 12th (our official B-Day!) - RED FANG, GAYTHEIST + DRUNK DAD
*PLUS* “Eye Candy” w/ VJ NORTO
SAT JAN 17th
3pm @ American Legion #134 (2104 NE Alberta) 
8pm @ The Know 
NOTE: ALL shows above (***with exception of MATINEE event) @ The Know - 8pm - 21+ $cover$
  • Title: @ð-
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 13:48 minutes (12.64 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: THE CLEAVERS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Sun, 01/26/2014
This recording was made in 1980, way before LDW's time here on KBOO, but I did find the reel to reel tape, and transfered it to digital. Enjoy!
  • Length: 27:14 minutes (24.93 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: ABORTION REELS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Title: abortion reels
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 6:55 minutes (6.33 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Length: 10:52 minutes (9.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DARK SLASH LIGHT

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 12/11/2013
So stoked for this band! Justin and Candy and Tarika from The Triggers, Justin Candy and Mary from Sleepwalkers RIP! Thanks so much for playing!
  • Length: 18:37 minutes (17.05 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DAMAGES

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 11/27/2013
From LA!
What's Left For Us / No Another Day / Not Your Soldier / I got No Patience / Purgatory / Disease Called Reality / Impulse / Vatican Rats

Live in Studio: O INIMIGO

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Fri, 11/08/2013

From Brasil! Live in Studio from Last November... sorry we lagged, more photos to come, and the set list!

  • Length: 37:42 minutes (34.52 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Neo Boys Special

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/30/2013
Documentary on the Neo Boys featuring KT Kincaid, Kim Kincaid, Pat Baum, Pat Baum, Jennifer LoBianco, and Meg Hentges, and audio from their new retrospective out on K Records, Sooner or Later.
  • Length: 59:25 minutes (54.4 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: FREEDOM CLUB

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/02/2013
Just before their west coast tour....
  • Length: 22:10 minutes (20.29 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime playlist for 02/10/2016

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
ChromaGrabado, Mezclado Y masterizadoCuerpos DócilesHysteria
XYXNATeatro NegroMonofonus
FleshworldChurch of FleshFleshworldLa Vida Es En Mus
SurrenderSong for SD
the HaskelsTakin the City by Storm
Mothers ChildrenSabre Tooth
Johnny THunderscan't put your arms around a memory
Cheeta Chrome MotherfuckersSecret Hate
Violent UprisingSystem Sucker
Code of HonorWhat Price will you pay
Jungle FrontBullenschwein (Police Pig
Toxic ReasonsWar Hero
TiltKazdy Sie Boi Swojej Paranoi
Neo boysNever comes down
PenetrationDon't DictateRace against time
Action Pact!All purpose action foowearsingles 81-84
Chin ChinProud soldiersWestways to the world
The AvengersNo MartyrPink record
Rubella Balletmoney TalksWe dont want our fucking law
Lebenden TotenNear darkNear Dark
Los VulpessMe gusta ser una zorra
Action pactSuicide BagSingles 81-84
the violatorsSummer of 81sumer of 81'
Screaming sneakersViolent daysMarching orders
Alternative TVAction Time and Vision
Suicide SquadNew World in the Morning
The DilsMr Big
Absolute ZeroWasted Time
Defect DefectGlass Crass
4QFuck You
Macho BoysSlam (Decadence)
XRay SpexArtificial
TSOLwash awaysuburbia single
DIRichard Hung himself
The JabbersBored to death1980'S rocknroll
The VicousI dont believe in christ
The insanethe whole worlds going insane

Life During Wartime playlist for 01/27/2016

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
MansionThe ThirdEarly LifeDegenerate
PangYoung ProfessionalsYoung ProfessionalsGrazer
Violence CreepsGridlockFlexiDegenerate
ScraperThird WheelFlexiDegenerate
MuskBlack IceFlexiDegenerate
Violent ChangeWal-Mart Parking LotViolent ChangeCatholic Guilt
Poison GirlsPersons UnknownPersons UnkownAll The Madmen
Restricted CodeFrom the TopFirst Night on 7"Pop Aural
Spray PaintSpock Fingers7"SS Records
Ridiculous TrioTV Eye7"Slovenly
Tragic MulattoShe's A HoHot Man PussyAlternative Tenticles
Burning KitchenMissed The TrainDamn if you do Damn if You Don'tFunai
Frozen TeensBury me AliveFrozen TeensDo Ya Hear We?
Steel ChainsStanding in the LightLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsMisterlive at KBOO
Steel ChainsRotten DoveLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsSteel ChainsLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsInstinctsLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsCouldn't SayLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsI KnowLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsCounting WavesLive at KBOO
Steel ChainsHard To FollowLive at KBOO
The UndeadTerorist tvthe Killing of realityRadiation
Action PactBlue Bloodssingles 81/84Vomitpunkrock
Repulsive alienSay and DoBollocks to the gonads, Here's the testicllesPax
Kolla Kestaasysksy
Upright CitizensHolocuastSTCulture Shock
GBHGeneralsSingles colectionEarmark
The UndeadAcid punksThe killing of reality
Steel ChainsInterview
Macho BoysClass of 1984Demoself released
ReplicaYou Can't Stop The Weatherfliexiself released
Silla ElectricaCloacaSilla ElectricaSolo Para Punks
NixTweekers at Plaid PantrySpeed FreaksSelf Released
RegulationsPolice CarDestroyBusted Heads
Dead MoonDOALive at SatyriconVoodoo Doughnut Recordings
Poison IdeaFeel The DarknessLiive at KBOOself released
Guest DJs galore AND Steel Chains LIve in Studio!!!!

Life During Wartime playlist for 01/14/2016

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Life During Wartime (Music) with Host 01/13/2016 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:04PM-10:07PM (2:33) Davie Bowie “Cest la vie”

10:07PM-10:10PM (3:00) David Bowie “Suffragette City”

10:10PM-10:13PM (3:00) David Bowie “Because You're Young”

10:13PM-10:17PM (4:02) David Bowie and Queen “Under pressure”

10:17PM-10:20PM (3:00) David Bowie “Up The Hill Backward”

10:24PM-10:27PM (3:00) David Bowie “Without You”

10:29PM-10:32PM (3:00) David Bowie “Queen Bitch” from Hunky Dory

10:32PM-10:36PM (3:38) Iggy PopTonight” from Lust for life (1977)

10:35PM-10:38PM (3:31) Mott the Hoople “All the Young Dudes” from All the Young Dudes (Rock) on Columbia

10:38PM-10:41PM (3:00) Lou Reed “Satellite of Love” from Transformer

10:47PM-10:50PM (3:00) Bauhaus “Ziggy Stardust” from 1979-1983 Volume Two (Rock) on Beggars Banquet

10:51PM-10:54PM (3:00) SOA “Gonna Hafta Fight” from Demo

10:54PM-10:57PM (3:00) Discharge “State Control, State Violence” from sTATE VIOLENCE EP

10:57PM-11:00PM (3:00) Klimax “LONTOD” from 84-85 LP

11:00PM-11:03PM (3:00) GBH “Knifes edge” from singl;es collection

11:03PM-11:06PM (3:00) Repilsive alien “say and do” from never mind the gonads

11:06PM-11:09PM (3:00) The Avengers “No martyr” from the pink album

11:09PM-11:12PM (3:00) Penetration “Come Into The Open” from Come into the open

11:12PM-11:15PM (3:00) TSOL “silent scream” from Dance With Me

11:15PM-11:18PM (2:24) The Mob “Cry of the Morning” from Let the Tribe Increase on Broken Rekkids

11:18PM-11:20PM (2:36) Nots “Insect Eyes” from We Are Nots on Goner

11:20PM-11:26PM (5:10) No Means No “now” from 0+2 =1 on Alternative Tentacles (USA)

11:26PM-11:29PM (3:39) The Pagans “Boy Can I Dance Good” from Shit Street on Crypt

11:29PM-11:32PM (2:30) Jay Reatard “Oh It's Such a Shame” from Blood Visions (Rock, 2006) on In The Red

11:32PM-11:34PM (2:41) Jay Reatard “Hammer I Miss You” from Singles 06-07 on In The Red

11:34PM-11:36PM (1:25) Reatards “Stacye” from Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here's the Reatards on Goner

11:36PM-11:38PM (2:23) Jay Reatard “Night of Broken Glass” from Singles 06-07 on In The Red

11:42PM-11:44PM (2:27) Jay Reatard “Death Is Forming” from Blood Visions (Rock, 2006) on In The Red

11:44PM-11:47PM (2:27) Jay Reatard “It's So Useless” from Singles 06-07 on In The Red

11:47PM-11:50PM (3:00) Rixe “Coups et blessures” from Coups et blessures

11:50PM-11:53PM (3:00) Lude Boys “Allen Town” from Demo

11:53PM-11:56PM (3:00) Lude Boys “Rochester city” from Demo

11:56PM-11:59PM (3:00) Kakaa Hata 77 “KAPITALISMI” from ??

11:59PM-12:02AM (3:00) The Vicouse “Lie” from obsesive on Feral Ward (USA)

12:02AM-12:04AM (2:20) The Weirdos “A Life of Crime” from Destroy All Music (Rock, 2007) on Bomp! Records

12:04AM-12:07AM (3:00) The Avengers “Car Crash” from Pink album

Life During Wartime playlist for 12/30/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
MotorheadRiding With the DriverOrgasmatron
MotorheadOver the topb sides
MotorheadI won't pay your priceOverkill
MotorheadShineanother perfect day
MotorheadTear you downoverkill
MotorheadToo late too lateB Sides
MotorheadLeaving hereOn Parole
MotorheadKilled by Death
NobunnyMotorhead With MeFirst BloodGoner Records
EconochristUncontrollable UrgeEconochrist/The Detanators SplitInsurrection Records
Autistic YouthDeadbeatIdle MindsDirtnap Records
Red DonsEnemy EarsFake Meets FailureDeranged Records
The BanglesWant YouBanglesFaulty Products
GlossOutcast StompGirls Living Outside of Society's ShitNervous Nelly Recors
QuaaludesNothing New1st 7"Self released
Ivy GreenWhy Not Tonight
Dead Moon40 Miles of Bad Road
Androids of MuWho Cares
Pleasure LeftistsElephant Man7"Katorga Works
SpectresVisions of a New World
Sunday PaintersFlexFourth Annual ReportTerminal
Dog Faced HermansBody Strategicmental Blocks for all agesKonkurrel
The StopsWasted ExcusesNameless FacesDirt Cult
Alternative TVAction Time Vision7"Deptford Fun City
CrassShaved WomenReality Asylum 7"Crass
The StranglersNuclear Device7"united
Siouxsie And The BansheesLove In A VoidMittageisen 7"Polydor
The ComesWa-Ke-MeNo Outsider7"
The Jabbersyou hate me and I HATE YOUBootlegOrange Records
The RamonesOh Oh I LOVE HER soGone HomeMau Mau Records
Bi MarksWHATEVERThe golden YearsMata La Musica Discos
Middle ClassLove Is Just A ToolTooth & NailUpsetter Records
Kaka Hatta 77???????Deaf Forvever Records
The SaintsWild About YouI'm StrandedWild About You
bed BoysPace non vuol dire solo niente guerrahate/loveSOA

Life During Wartime playlist for 12/16/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The StranglersGet A Grip (on yourself)Rattus Norvegicus
Electric EelsSpin Age BlastersBunnies ep
Missing PersonsWords
SparksIn My FamilyKimono My House
GearsBaby Runaround
Sloppy Kisses???????!!!!
Andy Place & The Coolheads!!!!??????
Piss TestVegan Coffee
GearsLet's Go to the Beach
Unskilled LabA Stabbing PainDemon/a
Black And WhiteBrain Wash7"Pogo 77
Car CrashExecution7"Mangrove/Secret Mission
Fort VivlanDodhKaotiska EPHardcore Survives
Gun ClubThe LieDeath PartyAnimal
The JamSo Sad About UsDown In The Tube Station At MidnightPolydor
Lost SoundsReasons to KillBlack WaaveIn The Red
CrimeCrime WaveMurder By GuitarSuperior Viaduct
ChemicalsBrainsChemicals LPJonnycat Records
VIDEOPrisonVIDEO LPPlay Pinball Records
The AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesGary Gilmore's Eyes 7"Anchor Records
AdolescentsWrecking CrewAdolescents LPFrontier Records
AK47The Badge Means You SuckBloodstains Across Texas
Generation XReady Steady GoGeneration XChrysallis
Exploding HeartsSleeping Aids and Razor BladesGuitar Romanticscreaming Apple
HeadcoateesMess of PottageHave Love Will TravelVinyl Japan
Groupo Sub OneTu PlantaTercer Grado En LeningradoLa Vida Es Un Mus
Eddy Current Supression RingWrapped UpPrimary ColoursGoner
The FallRebellious JukeboxContainer DriverBBC
the FlesheatersPray Til You SweatA Minute to Pray A Second to Die
SheOutta ReachOutta Reach
Noh MercyFashion ChantNoh Mercy
rik agnewFalling Outall by myself
Career SuicideQuarantinedSARS ep
Full house!  Special Guests!  Terrible comedy!  Student loans!  Housing shortage!  Naps!  Adulthood! Take a dump.  Get a Grip!

Life During Wartime playlist for 12/02/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Violeta VilChupacabrasMujeres UlagaGR
DiatNauseaPositive EnergyIron Lung
The FallPsykick DancehallDragnetTurning Point
Eddy Current Suppression RingPrecious RoseEddy Current Suppression RingDropkick
UV RaceUnknown PleasuresRacismIn the Red
PinenUno CualquieraPinenself-released
L.O.T.I.O.N.Goodbye HumansDigital Control and Man's ObsolescenceToxic State
ShoppingThemeConsumer ComplaintsFat Cat
Isolation WardDangerousFM-BX Society TapeSS Records
PylonStop ItGyrateDB Records
Sad HorseLoaferGreatest HitsMississippi Records
Spray PaintIan's ThemePunters on a Bargehomeless
Los LlamaradasThe Sudden FleshGone go Ne ColdSS
Pink SectionWine WorldPink SectionSuperior Viaduct
Rock Botom and the SpysRich GirlRich Girl 7"Feral Ward
PangYoung ProfessionalsYoung Professionals EPGrazer
Bellicose MindsIn GreedThe SpineBlackwater Records
Vivid SektThe VoidFrom RuinBlackwater Records
WireOutdoor MinerOutdoor MinerHarvest
DicksAll Night FeverHate the Policebootleg
Eppu NormaaliPoliisi Pamputtaa TaasAknepopPoko
X_Xyou're full of shitX_XDrome
The FixVengeanceVengeanceTouch and Go
Deep WoundVideo PrickDeep WoundArmageddon
Die KreuzenPain/Sick PeopleDie KreuzenTouch and Go
Jerry's KidsBuild Me a BombIs This My World?Funhouse
MIAModern WayMurder in a Foreign PlaceAlternative Tentacles
Putrid FeverDawn of FearDo You Remember?Spittle
Naked RaygunTreason12" versionCaroline
Mission of BurmaThat's How I escape My certain fateVsTaang
Lighting bolt2morroworro landMountain AliveLoad
Melt BananaPigeons on my EyesMelt BananaSkin Graft
Long KnifeDressing Up DrunkMeditations of Self DestructionLong Knife Records
VideoJoin the Hatewave7"Total Punk
Legal WeaponOut of ControlDeath of InnocenceAresenal
Screaming SneakersViolent DaysMarching Orders
The StopsRepulsiveNameless FacesDirt Cult Records
La PestBetter Off DeadBetter Off Dead &"Wharf Cat Records

Life During Wartime playlist for 11/18/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The eyesDon't Talk To Me
Fuck Off
Electric EyeLenny And Squiggy
All In Your Head
The WipersTelepathic Love
Sad Horseloafer/ Something that sucksGreatest HitsMississippi
Pink SectionCars Don't Wait for LovePink SectionSuperior Viaduct
Ruggety AnnesJaggedThoughtsJagged ThoughtsTabb
PangYoung Professionals7"Grazer
The SlitsShopliftingPeel SessionsBBC
ShoppingIn Other WordsShoppingFat Cat
The Blind ShakeYellowThe Blind ShakeSlovenly
The CrampsGarbage Man7"IRS
Life StinksYour Face is a MessLife StinksSS Records
Poison GirlsCrisisHexXntrix
Passion ArmeeWaitingPassion Armeeself
Village peopleFood FightRenaissanceBlack Scorpio
The Saints(I'm) Stranded7"Sire
Suicidal TendenciesWon't Fall In Love TodayS/TFrontier
Stiff Little FingersBreakoutInflammable MaterialRough trade
Fuck Me DeadMechanize Me Pt. 1Mechanize Me Pt. 1Clarence Thomas
The RamonesA Real Cool TimeHalfway To SanitySire
La Polla RecordsY Ahora Que7"Munster
The ScreamersIf I Can't Have What I WantDemos 1977-78boot
Alerta RojaDelitoAlgo Esta Cambiando... Y Muy ViolentamenteLengua Armada Discos
MulltuteUtopiaMulltuteself release
AjaxOppress MeBleach for BreakfastEven Worse Records
La MismaMoradiaKanizadiLa Vida Es En Mus
KebabLife It's A JokeLife its a jokeBarakkenplaten
Funeral OrationWallsThe Godsendgummo punx
Alternative TVAction Time and VisionAction Time and VisionDeptford Fun City Records
The UndertonesTeenage Kicks7"Good Vibrations Records
Younger LoversSay YeahSugar In My PocketSouthpaw
Detroit cobrasBad GirlMink Rat or RabbitSympathy For The Record Industry
Parting GiftsI Don't Wanna Be Like ThatStrychnine DandelionIn The Red

Life During Wartime playlist for 11/04/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The PagansWhat's This Shit Called Love?Shit StreetCrypt
TyradesI Am Homicide7"Shit Sandwich
Bog PeopleChaos TribesVivid Sekt splitFear Of War Records
The DiskordsHeart Full Of NapalmHeart Full Of Napalm 7"Vinyl Warning
Vice SquadResurrectionResurrection EPRiot City
GauzePressing OnEqualizing DistortSelfish Records
The Exploding HeartsStill CrazyGuitar RomanticScreaming Apple
ColeraCDMPTente Mudar O AmanhaDevil Dicos
MulltuteSystemMultute 12"Heart Beat
Los CrudosIllegal y Que?discographyMaximum Rocknroll
Solvent AbuseNuclear Fallout12"Demo Tapes
FrauMiramira 7"self released
PervertsBotchMethself released
Social UnrestGeneral EnemyRats in a mazeNew Red Archives
CCTVAll Bastards are cop bastardsdemoself released
The SlitsShopliftingCutIsland
The SpecialsMessage to youThe SpecialsCrystalis
Eddie And The Hot RodsQuit This Town7"Island
The Damnedgenerals7"Bronze
Iggy Pop & James WilliamsonI Got Nuthin'Kill City 7"ADA
Autistic YouthSame ProblemsCola Freaks splitTaken By Surprise
The ReplacementsunsatisfiedLet It BeTwin/Tone
The Replacementssixteen bluelet it betwin/tone
Plasmaticscourptioncoruption ep
Slaughter and the dogswhere have all the bootboys goneDo it dog style
The instigatorsold soldiersthe bloood is on your hands
The instigatorsmonkey manthe blood is on your hands
Chaotic dischordNever trust a friendriot city vol 2
Chin ChinDead lifewest ways
the Plasmaticsmonkey suit
The ChemicalsGet AwayD.A.G.R.I.PJonny Cat
Stalins of SoundBlood Sex
MansionCalifornia PriestEarly Life
As MercernariasMe Perco
WASP WomenKill Me
Mika MikoCapricornations
Lydia LunchSnakepit Breakdown

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/07/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The ScientistsFrantic Romantic7"boot
X Ray SpexIdentity7"EMI
LobotomiaLobotomiaAtaque SonoroAtaque Frontal
Oscar Drill And The BitsBreakin' OutShock Treatment Original SoundtrackWarner Bros
The RezillosTop Of The Pops7"Sire
MC 5High SchoolBack In The USAAtlantic
Guilty RazorsProvocate7"Seventeen
The Gun ClubMy DreamsThe Las Vegas StoryAnimal
Lebenden TotenLosing TimeStagnation FragmentationWhispers in Darkness
DSBBlast Em Alluseless system abusevex
Vacant LifeSupression CellVacant LifeForbidden Seabass Records
Buriel TeensZero DayFascist Chromeself
Big BoysFight BackLullibies Help the Brain GrowMoment
Harum Scarumthe Fight inside of meSuppose We TryHex
Disruptersbomb heavenplaying with fire
chaotic dishcordanarchy in woolworthsfuck religon
DishcargeI ownt subscribesee nothing hear nothing say nothin
Xtracttraitorbollocks to the gonadspax
Repulsive aliensay and dobollocks to nthe gonadspax
the instigatorsthe church saysthe blood is on your hands
The undeaddead revolutionriot city vol one
The exploitedDead Citiesdead cities
Sex aidsback on the piss againback on the piss again
Sham 69What About The LonelyTell Us The TruthSire
La FractionQu'unS/TCrash
DMZMighty IdyS/TSire
Government WarningArrested7"Grave Mistake
The JamStart!7"Polydor
aS mERCENARIASmE pERCOBrasilian post-punk 1982-88Soul Jazz
the AdvertsTelevision's Over7"RCA
Husker DuI Don't Know What You're talking aboutNew Day RisingSST
BETA B♂YSSociety Baddemoself released
Good ThrobJealousyFuck Off
Pekinska PatkaOri Ori
Black RainbowPossibleBlack Rainbow
PenetrationKilled in the RushComing Up for Air
Spray PaintEntry Level Human
Hagar The WombIdolizationA Brighter Shade of BlackMississippi
MDCBusiness on Parade
glamCrisis Atomico

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/23/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Chocolat BillyVersaillesMon Pere est Am mereWater Wing
SpraypaintWet BeerClean Blood, Regular AcudMonofonus
The Ethical Debating SocietyFuture ImperfectNew Senseself
Bong WaterHis Old LookDouble BummerShimmy Disc
The ExDumboToo Many CowboysMordam
Northern LibertiesConspiracy of SpiritErrant Rayself
Pierre & BastienLuxePierre & Bastienself
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playlist for 6/09!?!??!

argh. i really dug just about the whole 1st set but had to leave b4 i could hear what any of it was.  and i mean just the 1st 5-6 song set of tunes after the discords. i cassetted most of them, still sound great. [6/09/10]

if not the whole show, any way just those 1st few tunes could be listed here sometime? thanks!   stiv

or e-mail to me if you'd like:   

the present day punker refuses to die!  thanks for your show.




did you play a song last night called "fuck you dad"? i thought i heard it but didn't see it on the playlist... 


 Thank You Life During Wartime! Whoop Whoop you keep this old kboo listener happy!

xo pops croghan


wouldn't mind hearing some Annhilation Time

 Second that! Strung Up,

 Second that! Strung Up, Warkrime, Deadfall. Bay Area love

 Awesome show!  you guys

 Awesome show!  you guys should leave and party more often...just kiddin.




Fucking yes! Thank you, how come no one knows about the feederz. You just made my night!

thank you for filling the

thank you for filling the sucking void that is portland radio.

Life During Wartime

did Cower just play at 1:20 or somehwere around there? it was really good is there a way to get a tape of it? or should i ask the band for it, great radio station today was the first time hearing it great show:) KEEP IT UP:)
take care


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