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KBOO community radio has been bringing diverse communities together for forty years.  We offer over twenty hours per day of programs that are produced locally by volunteer community members.  This is critical for having local voices on the airwaves at a time when media ownership is consolidating and the remaining local entities turn to syndicated programs.  Furthermore we offer genuine diversity.  In a city that is over three-quarters white, we offer programming by and for Asian, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and those from many other backgrounds.  We put youth (with a part-time youth coordinator assisting), veterans, and the disabled on the air.  And we bring these communities together on and off the air!

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Health Care in Oregon: More than Theatrics?

Evening News

The Oregon Students Public Interest research group held a rally today in Portland.  They used street theater, costumes and props to represent what they see as a broken health care system in the state of Oregon.

KBOO's Robert Barncord spoke with one of the organizers.


2:33 minutes (2.35 MB)

Mecha Conferencia marzo 2008

Buscando America
11:15 minutes (10.31 MB)

presswatch--talking over Bush.


Theresa talks back to (a recording of) George Bush Junior's Thursday press conference regarding Iraq and the Telecom immunity debate.

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Laura Flanders, Women In Politics


Hosts Jo Ann Bowman and Dave Mazza speak with journalist Laura Flanders, author of Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians, about women in politics and the question of a "glass ceiling."

11:10 minutes (10.22 MB)

06/18 Veterans for Peace protest Senator Gordon Smith


On Saturday, Veterans in Action staged an anti-war protest on the shore of the Willamette River where Senator Gordon Smith was cruising the river’s waters with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
McConnell has been a consistent supporter of funding the Iraq war.
KBOO’s Crystal Leighty spoke earlier today with Ted Quackenbush of Veterans in Action.

1:36 minutes (1.47 MB)

06/27 Our Backyard


And now, another edition of the local environmental series, Our Backyard with K-BOO’s Edison Carder.

4:42 minutes (4.31 MB)

Our Backyard 07-11


Members of Oregon's 2007 legislature are very proud of the flurry of environmental laws they passed this session. Many are applauding these accomplishments but some activists are expressing concern about a new renewable fuel standard that provides incentives for Oregon biofuel production. They fear it will put food and biofuel on a deadly collision course.

4:01 minutes (3.68 MB)

Monsanto Attempts Sugar Beet Takeover


KBOO's locally produced environmental series. This edition: Planting Monsanto's genetically engineered sugar beet seeds in the Willamette Valley has organic farmers, environmental activists, and consumers worried.

3:24 minutes (3.12 MB)

0220 Our Backyard


KBOO's locally produced environmental series. This edition: Cats, our cute, loveable, furry friends, are at the center of two environmental controversies. 

3:39 minutes (3.34 MB)


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