Randomonium playlist for 08/08/2008

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NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme (Looping)
Welcome to Beijing ThemeYouTube clipDeleted by copyright weasels
Democracy NowReport on the Olympics08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Yat KhaAlbys-ShulbusTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
Democracy Nowsuppression of journalists in China08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Yat KhaAnthropfagyTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
BBC NewsBjork on TibetYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
BjorkDeclare IndependenceDeclare IndependenceOne Little Indian
Yat KhaShamanTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
Yat KhaShambalagTundra's GhostRandom Musicwww.yat-kha.com
LaibachZhōnghuáVolkMute/Grey Area
Official Olympics ThemeOur DreamsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Bill Laswell / Pete NamlookArenaPsychonavigation IVFax +49-69/450464
Democracy Noww/ David Zirin08/8/08 broadcastwww.democracynow.org
Pepsi Corp.Pepsi Red Can commercialYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Coke Corp.Coke 2008 Olympic CommercialYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
CNN Newscrackdown on foreign journalistsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Rich RandomStation ID and Back-announce
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme II (Looping)
Ammers / ConsoleHymnen '72Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Ammers / Console"Horen Sie jettz..."Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
CBC News1972 terrorist incidentsYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Ammers / ConsoleLange FackelnOfficial Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
ABC Sports/Jim McKayThe Agony of Defeat [looping]YouTube clipwww.youtube.com
Ammers / ConsoleBaballula BootlegOfficial Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Leni RiefenstahlJesse OwensOlympia [film]
Ammers / ConsoleJesse Owens '36Official Olympic BootlegCode Recordswww.ubuweb.com
Bill Laswell / Pete NamlookGood and BadPsychonavigation IVFax +49-69/450464
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme III (Looping)
Ammers / ConsolePing Pong PirouetteOfficial Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Leni RiefenstahlMen's gymnasticsOlympia [film]
Ammers / ConsoleDDR BootlegOfficial Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Ammers / ConsoleBomben '72Official Olympic BootlegFax +49-69/450464www.ubuweb.com
Olympics ThemeOne World, One DreamYouTube clipwww.youtube.com
LaibachDogs of War [excerpt]NATOMute
NBC TelevisionNBC Olympics Theme IV (Looping)

Playlist from Randomonium on 08/08/08.

Order of songs is approximate, as many were mixed simultaneously.

Many nice enthusiastic callers.

More info at Kill Ugly Radio.


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