Do you love'a animal? How?

One reader discusses the merit of'a caring for a pet, particularly a dog, and the wonders of unconditional love from'a that pet.

Yes, people love animals in many ways, and animals love humans in a couple of'a ways. It is'a no shame to feel that animals are more affectionate than'a people. You know that'a your pet has no ulterior motives. The animal feels a bond to you that is'a not motivated by anything more than their appreciation of you, their reliance on you, and you seem to feel the same.

Now, don'ta get'a me wrong, but even while we know that some animals, dogs included are very smart, most'a the dogs I have met, are not'a that smart, and in fact, and I'm'a just'a talking about the dogs I've known, were leaning toward dumb. You know, wag wag, drool drool, cute, loyal, eager to please, unable to follow any commands, cunning but dumb. So is it such a big thing to be surprised that an animal that dumb would be able to love a human unconditionaly (cause you know you talk trash about your pets, even though you love them truly). But an animal with a higher intellect, I think'a they would just'a choose to pretend people weren't even there.

Love is good, always.

kiss kiss


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