Any questions should be answered in the material appearing below the form,
or contact Richard by email here or at onehundredonehours@yahoo.com. 

Please hit reply and answer the questions below:

Event description:

or projected length:

Live or pre-recorded event?:


If your event is to be prerecorded, will you need technical assistance?:

How many mikes and/or lines will you need?:

will need an engineer/I
already have this person committed as engineer:

during the festival do you think this needs to be aired and why:

Will your event contain language and/or material requiring an FCC-mandated 10p-6a
airing (see FCC regulations below):

you are presenting a recorded, vocal-only performance, will you
object if we manipulate your voice and/or add a bed of sound or

you don't object, will you object if that alteration of your
performance sometimes obscures it?:

Please write briefly and concisely (and hopefully entertainingly) what
you would like the festival schedule to say about your event:


is just the information we will need to prepare, organize and promote the festival.  Don't worry about having
to prove your bonifides or relevance to the festival theme, although
with some contemporary performance pieces, it might be nice to have
that information included in some form in your proposal.

Do be aware
that, if challenged, the one thing that will get your event rejected
is it not being in some way genuinely connected with Dada or
Surrealism or some of its offspring and close relations. If in doubt,
check Wikipedia or Andre Breton who expressed his opinions on just about

Events can range from 30 seconds long to 3 hours long.  If you feel the
need for more time than that, we'll consider your ideas.  You may
contribute more than one event.



event proposals must be submitted in full (using this proposal form) by email to this site, or in
writing in my box (#84--Richard Francis/A Different Nature) at the station
by Friday, July 18 at 5p. You don't need to submit a full
proposal to begin working on an event as most of the proposal form is
information which we will need for resourcing and scheduling.


pre-produced material, including major recorded events like plays,
must be received by me in my box (#84--Richard Francis/A Different Nature)
at the station on cd disc by Friday, August 15 at 5p. or stored
and accessible on the air room computer by Friday, August 22 at



FCC regulations are being reinterpreted in more restrictive ways.

KBOO’s seven-year license renewal is on hold pending an indecency complaint.  Our broadcast license is in jeopardy.

Fines have increased (up to $350,000!).

Songs that you used play may not be defendable.

The KBOO Board changed indecency violations from a minor violation to a
major violation, and penalties may include not only a warning but also
suspension or removal.


Depictions of sexual or excretory acts or organs. 

Profanity, including: fuck, motherfucker, cocksucker, tits, cunt, piss,
shit, pussy, nookie, dick, cock, snatch, slit, clit, asshole, butthole,
pissing contest, blow job is not allowed. 

Fleeting references are no longer allowable: “fucking brilliant,” “oh
shit.”  The song “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon which
includes “fuck.”

Partial editing is no longer allowable: “mother-bleep-er.”

A song labeled “radio edit” does not mean that it is currently
allowable.  It may have been allowable in the past but not
now.  It must be previewed.

Sexual innuendo, dirty jokes, puns: Stations have been fined for all of the following:
Candy Wrapper song: “I whipped out my Whopper and whispered, Hey,
Sweettart,  how'd you like to Crunch on my Big Hunk for a Million
Dollar Bar?  Well, she immediately went down on my Tootsie Roll…”
Monty Python: “Sit on my face…we both sixty nine.”
“Butch Beer” skit with sexual innuendo. 
Announcer asking, “What makes your hiney parts tingle?”
“He gives me head…I’m gonna make you penetrate.”
“Liberace was great on the piano but sucked on the organ.”

Song titles or band names: “Jackie O. Motherfucker,” “Fuck Armageddon
This is Hell,” “Clit 45,” “The Dicks,” “The Fuck Bush Album”

Indecency in any language is not allowed.

Racist, sexist, homophobic and other demeaning material that may not be an FCC issue is important for our mission.


What about 10pm to 6am?  The profane words listed above, such as
“fuck,” in theater, poetry and music are not considered indecent during
these late-night hours.  However, “gratuitous language” is not
permissible1.  For example, the host, guests and callers are not
permitted to say “Fuck Bush” or “What the fuck?” outside the context of
legitimate performance.

What about the news?  Clinical descriptions of health stories are
generally permissible.  Words such as penis, vagina, nipple,
clitoris, menstruation, ejaculation, in the context of a public
affairs, health show, or teenage show on sexually transmitted diseases,
etc would be allowable, provided the discussion is clinical in nature
and not pandering or leering.  (The same words if used in a slang,
song or poem would not be allowable).  Description of sodomy in
the context of Iraqi torture technique would be allowable if the
context is that of a news program. This is a gray area.  Err on
the side of caution. 

What if I’m not sure?  It is your responsibility to ask Richard Francis or KBOO's 
Program Director, Chris Merrick before the
material is aired.   If they’re not sure, they will ask our attorney.

What if I use an indecent word accidentally?  The FCC no longer
has such a category.  That’s why we have the dump button.

My genre never has indecencies.  We have run into several
situations recently where folk or country songs that were assumed to be
innocuous contained indecent material.

What about old blues songs?  "please warm my wiener," and "gimme
some sweet jelly roll," may be actionable.  Do not play.

Any other words?  “Dickhead” and “bullshit” are unresolved.  Do not play.
What about “God damn?” You can play this phrase; it is not actionable.


If you are interested in becoming an air operator/host for the festival,
be aware that all KBOO programmers must:

Receive training on indecency and bleep-button usage and sign notice of
understanding.  Failure to do so will
result in immediate suspension from on-air programming, engineering or
news reporting.

Preview all material before airing.

Use the bleep button if needed.

Be aware that:

editing is the host’s responsibility, and the engineer is only a backup.

program may be briefly suspended while Program Director investigates complaints.

penalties may include suspension and termination.

Thanks for your interest and attention.




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