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Thu, 02/28/2008


Get This:  Canadian journalist, Jawed Ahmad, has been designated an “enemy combatant” and is being held indefinitely in some dungeon at Bagram Airbase outside Kabul.

Chris Andreae



  1. And here’s the pitch:  “Portland is falling behind on infrastructure.”  You don’t say!  We have sinkholes swallowing utility trucks every time you turn around, raw sewage sluicing straight into the Willamette River (Full of wonderful, expensive prescription medications one might have to otherwise go Outside The Law to obtain.  And the advise on the bottle, take with plenty of water’?  No problemo!).  We’ve got potholes galore, collapsing bridges, buildings that look like they could crumble at any minute, ‘Mystery pipes’ erupting in backyards, stricken phone poles suddenly “calling home” and the list goes on.  There’s no money to fix this stuff.  Because corporations all got their taxes “deferred” when they first showed up on out doorstep, and the ignorant voters have been told that “tax and spend” policy is bad for General Motors and it’s bad for the country. 
  2. Portland Public Schools spends more on papitaxis (Paper-pushing) than on actually teaching.  So it comes as no surprise that the school district is going to spend nearly 200 million dollars to tear down and rebuild the schools.
  3. “Stop me before I kill again”:  Those are the words of Sandy police officer William – ‘Kill Bill’ – Bergen.  Bergen is the cop who shot the unarmed, thoroughly distraught Fouad Kady back in 2005.  Turns out that Bergen himself has some serious “emotional problems”
  4. Nasty Rash:  The Feds have got a check for $20 thousand dollars with Your Name on it (Come to think of it, they probably have lots of stuff with your name on it…) if you know about this rash of military recruiting center bomb hoaxes.  Objects that resembled bombs were left at four different recruiting stations with the words ‘Die Weisse Rose’ on them.  The phrase is the name of a WWII resistance group.
  5. Wolf Kill:  A coalition of eleven environmental and animal rights groups is taking on the Department of the Interior over the new ‘shoot-to-kill’ wolf management policy.
  6. Fight The Power (Companies):  US District Judge James Redden is still fighting the power companies over dams that are a chief – but not the only – threat to salmon.  But considering the Eastern Washington plan to siphon off Columbia River water and the proposed LNG terminal at Bradwood, we are looking at a future with no dams and no salmon.
  7. Ninety-two members of Congress want to save the salmon.  You would think that would be all it takes.  The thing is that the only real answer involves curbing human consumption.  What lawmakers are talking about when they talk salmon-saving is coming up with a technological solution that generates money and/or power.  And that is what is killing the fish in the first place…
  8. Whooping It Down: the gigantic wind turbines scattered all along their migration routes are wiping out Whooping cranes.
  9. Pulling Another Rabbit Out of the Hat:  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is fresh out of new good ideas for saving America from its own appetite.  This week Big Ben told the nation he was cutting interest rates – again.  Don’t plan to run off to another country:  You can’t afford it…
  10. Vallejo, California is bankrupt.
  11. A judge in California shut down Wikileaks, perhaps one of the greatest websites out there.  Wikileaks allows users to anonymously post sensitive government and business documents.  In a nation drunk on its Secrets-on-Steroids approach to public interest, the website was a cool pool of clear light.  The ACLU and a collection of open government activists are joining the whistleblower site to fight the gag order in court.
  12. The ACLU in addition to getting the Bad Guys’ names back on the WikiList, the organization is also fighting to keep the names of the innocent off the same Bad Guys’ list.  More than 900 thousand people are currently listed as suspected terrorists on the government’s No-Fly list.  That’s a hell of a lot of “terrorists” to be watching, considering the Bush administration wasn’t able to stop a couple of dozen – mostly Saudi nationals – real terrorists from flying into building (And that too, is debatable).  All we really need is a ‘No-Fly-Into-Building’ list (But that would mean the CIA would have to take the bus or train…)
  13. Shooting Yourself in the Foot could Save your Life:  A soldier, home from Iraq on emergency leave (That’s like leaving one emergency for another…But I digress…) had a friend shoot him in the foot in the faint hope that the injury would prevent him from being sent back.  Matt Myers and friend are both facing criminal charges – which has got to be better than going back to Iraq.
  14. The US embassy in Baghdad is the world’s largest such structure.  (That’s a lot of embassy for a nation we have no intention of permanently occupying.  But then embassies are considered the sovereign territory of the nation they represent, so it will be like occupying Texas.  (Hey Iraqi’s!  Here’s an idea:  Declare the rest of your territory to be an open-air embassy and throw the American bums out.  Be sure to bring lots of sandbags for the front door or they’ll get right back in…)
  15. Deadline:  Canadian journalist, Jawed Ahmad is being held as an ‘Unlawful Enemy Combatant’ at Bagram airbase outside Kabul. 
  16. Red River Valley:  Industrial pollution in china has turned the Hanjiang bubbly and red.
  17. It’s been a deadly week in occupied Palestine.  Israeli forces as of this writing – which, alas is Friday, have killed at least 37 people.
  18. Let’s Stay Together:  Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader, Raila Odinga have agreed to a power-sharing deal.  Odinga is going to wind up being prime minister and of course, Kibaki is hanging onto the presidency.  (All this, and no American invasion!  Kenya, just be glad you don’t have significant oil reserves…
  19. And Colombia released the hostages into the open arms of Venezuela.  (All this, and no American invasion…yet…)




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