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Tue, 02/19/2008


Get This:  Oil -  $100.01 a barrel; US global credibility - $.00;  Subprime mortgage market = steroids…

Chris Andreae



  1. One In Hole:  Oregon’s Republican Party isn’t looking all that ‘Grand’.  Unlike Oregon’s Republicans, the GOP is $264 thousand dollars in the hole.  Key hole-digger is the employee who wrote but did not mail checks to the IRS.
  2. Dept. of Unintended Consequences:  One of the many malign side effects of Oregon’s new license law is that homeless shelters require official identification.  And that means the new high-octane documents.  A homeless person is going to have a rough time putting together the paperwork required for the new ID and without it, no shelter…
  3. There was an editorial regarding LNG siting in the Daily Astorian this week.  That tells you all you need to know.  Oregonians have pulled the wool out of their eyes and observed that the proposed terminals – And I don’t mean Maybe – Bradwood, Coos Bay, Warrenton,  should they be rammed up Oregon arses, will profit out-of-state investors, provide a very few permanent well-paid jobs but plenty of risky short-term minimum wage work, and the scheme is designed to funnel the fuel straight through the State’s backcountry and into California.  And most importantly LNG means massive extinction of salmon species.  Californians – taking the lead as they always do - already told the LNG people to shove it.
  4. Gresham can’t afford to keep criminals from enjoying the luxury of public transportation.  So until the “sprawling slum east of Portland”  comes up with the money to guard the MAX trains, meth dealers will have to return to the Old Days of door-to-door sales…
  5. Sho-Stopper:   Sam Adams, Sho Dozono and a certain ‘push poll’ have suddenly breathed fire into an otherwise lackluster Portland mayoral campaign.  (It’s still too early to break out the machetes..)
  6. Vicious Cycle:  The City That Bikes is getting ‘bike boxes’.  These are 14 by 10 foot painted boxes for cyclists to stop in at busy intersections.  (Funny, that…We can come up with street shelters for the Spandex crowd, but the homeless are still out there wandering the streets and intersections without a box to shelter in…Well, that’s Civic Priorities, for ya:  The quaint charm of twenty-somethings clad in Italian designer leotards trumps the Bag Ladies and Gentlemen sifting through the trash abandoned in the ‘Bike Box.’
  7. Consumer advocates and mortgage industry magicians are on the verge of self-destruction – and if they do, they’ll take the subprime lending legislation that’s making its way through the legislature with them.  Lenders want the law to allow them to verify the buyer’s credit.  Consumers want to be able to sue lenders if Things Don’t Work Out.  And the winner is…the lawyers!
  8. Pesticides kill salmon.
  9. Sharks are disappearing from the world’s oceans.
  10. And residential, commercial and industrial run-off is killing Puget sound.
  11. All of which proves there is such a thing as karma…although I wish that sharks got a bigger bite out of humanity before we breed ourselves to extinction…
  12. The student loan well is drying up.  If you don’t believe the American credit crash is going to touch you, try thinking about it this way:  It’s a Food Chain…you take out critical pieces and the whole edifice topples.  You think one student staying home and getting a piss-poor MacJob isn’t going to hurt you?  All the industries that proliferate above, below and around that individual are going to contract slightly.  Making it more difficult for more people to live the lives they have been conditioned – by schools, at least in part, Oh the irony! – to believe they are entitled to as Americans.   (Hot stock tip of the day:  Invest in machetes – get out in front of The Great Unraveling…)
  13. Like a Thief In The Night:  Banks all over the nation have been quietly borrowing massive amounts of money from the Federal Reserve.  It’s called Term Auction Facility – TAF – and here’s how it works:  Banks borrow at relatively low rates against a wide range of their assets.  So far banks have racked up $50 billion dollars in debt to the Fed.  (Cheer up, banks!  You income stimulus check is in the mail.)
  14. Post Wisconsin:  As we sift through the rubble fending off blows from opposing Clinton and Obama True Believers, let’s take a break – after all the next big two, Texas and Ohio (What?  You say you don’t trust the voting apparatus in Ohio…) aren’t until March.  That’s plenty of  time to ponder how the statistical hell did Obama manage to score a big zero votes…Wait for it… in Harlem.  That’s not race.  That’s not gender…That’s statistically impossible.
  15. FEMA sold its overstock of toxic trailers to the general public and then, instead of ploughing the proceeds back into disaster relief,  the federal agency spent the money on SUVs, travel expenses and purchase card accounts.  FEMA itself claims it was defrauded by dishonest trailer-makers.  (All this…and America is the world’s biggest super-Power!  YeeeeHAAAWWW!)
  16. Hitting The Bottom Running:  The moment the Supreme Court got back to business as usual yesterday, here’s what it did:  The Supremes turned down the ACLU’s challenge to the warrantless domestic spying program Bush cooked up in response to his own casual, laissez-faire approach to terrorism pre-9/11.
  17. Clusterfucked:  Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams accused the United States of trying to stall negotiations on an international agreement to ban cluster bombs – without even attending talks on the treaty.  (The US actually seems to do all right when it comes to “talks” – the trouble is it doesn’t  attend the “listens.”
  18. You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Too Thin:  Ninety percent of military officers think the US military is “stretched too thin.”  “Too thin” for what?  How many more of these brutal fiascos are we planning.  (Idea:  so the military claims not to have the funding it needs and it’s stretched too thin.  If that’s all it takes to fight a war, send in the supermodels.  They at least have experience…)
  19. By now, I expect the mighty American war machine has made its first attempt to shoot down the “rogue spy satellite” 
  20. Looks like we’re about to go to war with…and the winner is…Serbia
    !  Yes.  The US and the EU backed Kosovar independence, prompting Serbia to withdraw its diplomatic mission and also to destroy two border check-points.  (Russia:   “Don’t get me started…”)
  21. More from the ‘Dip Corps’:  US ambassador in Baghdad (Sort of like the US ambassador to Alaska…) Ryan Crocker doesn’t like the idea of a “hasty withdrawal” from Iraq.  Okay, Ryan:  This war has gone on longer than World War II.  Sometimes the longer you work on a project the worse it gets.   (Add to that the fact that this Crocker has no idea what its really like in Iraq having doubtlessly locked himself in the lavatory on Day One and refused  to come out until the decorators have finished his condo in Dubai…)
  22. Oh, and Ryan?  Another thing.  Moqtada al-Sadr , chief guy of the “sprawling slum east of Portland”  - Wait, No…that would be Sadr City.  Anyway, Moqtada al-Sadr is considering ending the six month long ceasefire.  And here we in America were thinking that it was Bush’s troop surge that was responsible for all the peace, love and happiness currently flourishing in Iraq.  Silly us….
  23. The Israeli-American war machine continues to grind away at the Palestinians. 
  24. In China, inflation hit an eleven-year high note.  We’ll be hearing the echo stateside when the US economy really starts falling hard and fast.
  25. Oil reached $100.01 a barrel.  So now is not a good time to buy a barrel of oil even for Wal-Mart shoppers…





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