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Thu, 02/14/2008


Get This:  Dead Zones off the Oregon coast:  “not normal” – or all too normal…

Chris Andreae



  1. Gasholes –0;  Anti-LNG-10:  LNG opponents lined up at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds in Astoria this week to ask State and federal wheelers and dealers to deny NorthernStar the Gold Ring, Bradwood Landing land use permits.  Officials from four regulatory agencies laid out the maze.  The message:  You can’t get there from here.  (The Bush administration could conceivably steamroll due process and authorize FERC to run it all the way into the Red., but still…)
  2. That meeting was Wednesday.  Today the Oregonian, front page below the fold (Not such a bad position to be in considering that The Org reserves front page above the fold for sports and sporting peccadilloes…) featured an article to Kulongoski’s slow, cautious swerve away from his original LNG boosterism – and of course well out of the path of public opinion that has long refused to drink the Kool-aid.
  3. I See Dead Zones!   Why Are We Even Considering This? Dept:  Scientists at OSU came up for air and reported that the Dead Zones proliferating off the coast are completely “Not Normal”.  And we are even considering LNG? 
  4. The Oregon House  is debating whether or not Oregonians (And presumably the rest of the human race) have a fundamental right to healthcare.  Good question.  And while we ponder that, let’s ask ourselves if medical insurance companies have the right to make obscene profits off human misery and suffering; whether they have the right to decide who lives and who dies;  whether they have the right to collude with pharmaceutical companies to promote drugs that may or my not endanger lives and whether they have the right to hoodwink the gullible public into believing that it needs health “insurance” and not healthcare.  (Don’t even get me started on the shitsnakes at the AARP, incontinent, demented bureaucrats who have proved themselves all too willing to sell the future to the highest bidder – after all, they have no use for it any longer…)
  5. The Guv hired a retired state court judge to fix the State bin in Salem.  James Hargreaves is just the man for the job, too, what with his solid background at IBM and the American Bar Association in Azerbaijan.  (With a resume like that, it’s a miracle Hargreaves hasn’t landed in the bin himself…)
  6. RAGE Against the Sausage Machine:  Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering is holding a shit-scary event this weekend to enlighten people as to what exactly that is on the plate and whether or not it is a good idea to eat it. 
  7. Re-Cycled:  The Portland police are going to change the way they investigate crashes involving “vulnerable road users.”  That would be anyone not driving a vehicle.  One would imagine that the cops would have figured this out a long time ago – long before the city’s streets became stained with the afterimages of slain cyclists.
  8. Sold Town:  The city, led by Eric Sten,  is still at loggerheads with neighbors in Old Town over the siting of a day center for the homeless.  Chinatown doesn’t want it, the Pearl District doesn’t want it either.  Opponents all are careful to point out that their concerns have nothing to do with bigotry, racism or fear…Of course not!  The latest idea is we put the shelter on ‘Block U’ (I’m sure no pun is intended here, either…)  conveniently located near…Wait for it…the Greyhound Bus Station.  (They can name the day center ‘The Dog House’…)  How about this for an idea:  Get homeless people into permanent, safe, warm housing not now, Yesterday.
  9. A Little Learning is a Deadly Thing:  Another student rampage. Left seven – including the shooter – dead and fifteen injured.
  10. George Bush wants his Pet Pentagon to shoot down that gosh-durn, dad-danged disabled satellite.  (Go for it George!  Nothing else you’ve tried has left a dent in your abysmal approval ratings.  And we know that if there is one thing the American people love, it’s a spectacle.)  Too bad about the thousand-odd pounds of deadly thyazine gas – but Hey, it’s the risk factor that makes NASCAR so thrilling to so many…
  11. Bush says he’s willing to delay his trip to Africa just so he can ram that domestic spying legislation right up the Congressional arse.  (I can’t imagine George looking forward to this trip to Africa, considering the arrogant distain that characterizes his attitude towards African-Americans here at home…The only interest Bush could possibly take in the African continent is as just another expanse of land with oil underneath it in places.)
  12. Republicans walked out after Democrats passed Contempt of Congress citations against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton – this after the actual charges spent months in “limbo” (Wait…Didn’t the Pope outlaw limbo?  Maybe it was The Limbo…anyway, we can ask him because he’ll be here next month…)
  13. Understatement of the Year in a Headline:   “Bush Wants to Limit Access to Evidence”   And How!  What George specifically wants is for the Supreme Court to limit judges’ authority to scrutinize evidence against Gitmo detainees.
  14. Bush is cutting the Forest  (No pun intended)  Service’s funding – except for the firefighting part.
  15. Baked Alaska:  Attorneys for developers of the Pebble Mine say that proposed clean water ballot initiatives violate the Alaska constitution.
  16. Biofuels  aren’t the solution.
  17. Party People:  Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party is all set to kick Musharraf’s ass in the parliamentary elections coming up this Monday.  Expect rioting in the street.
  18. Iraq has a date with its people too.  Provincial elections are slated for October 1st.
  19. Just The Ticket:  The Bush administration has figured out what the problem is in Afghanistan:  Not enough guns.  And fortunately for the American economy, this is one of the world’s problems that America can actually fix.
  20. A woman in the occupied West Bank was refused access to an ambulance and died because Israeli officials wouldn’t let her through the checkpoint.  The only thing about this story that is unusual is the fact that it got picked up by mainstream media and launched on the airwaves around the world.  Deaths of this sort are common place in occupied Palestinian territory.  Mass media is for the most part  not interested.  Israelis get “killed”; but Palestinians just die…And in far greater numbers.
  21. Burma’s ethnic Karen rebels are going to keep up the fight against the junta.  There’s another nation left by the roadside…out of gas.
  22. Speaking of the Devil:  China is going to close its gas stations so that Beijing’s normally lethal load of pollution doesn’t croak the Olympic athletes.
  23. US embassy official, Vincent Cooper – more Archie Bunker than James Bond – got kicked out of Bolivia for spying.  Cooper told an American exchange student and several aid volunteers to pass on information about any Venezuelans or Cubans that they might run into during they stay in Bolivia.  Not too subtle, ‘Agent Cooper.’
  24. And in Iraq, the violence is heading north.  A suicide bomber attacked a Shiite mosque in Tal Afar, killing three people.  (I wonder, upon casual observation, how it is that if this “al-Qaeda in Iraq”   is so fucking dangerous, why is it the American occupation forces have taken a far greater toll on the civilian population?)




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