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Tue, 01/29/2008


Get This:  Bush’s Big Stimulator package is going to put the country further in debt.

Chris Andreae



  1. There’s Trouble in Yakima River City:  Out comes a planning report and environmental impact statement on water storage options for the Yakima River basin.  It boils – no pun intended – down to addressing the man-made drought affecting the region.  But whoa there, Lil Pard!  “Holding” water at nearby Black Rock reservoir is an environmental “time-bomb”  - no pun intended – because it will cause it will almost certainly unleash the disaster lying in wait under Hanford.
  2. The Last Hurrah:  After months – yea, verily, years now – of self-congratulation for good city planning and conservation-based land use, Clackamas County commissioners rejected a moratorium on clear-cutting within the urban growth boundary.  Next move:  A tree-protection ordinance.  Which will only goad timber companies into cutting more trees much faster.   Money really does grow on trees…
  3. Ill Winds:  So lawmakers are back in Salem making laws.  Let the Special Session games begin!  Some Republican from Sherwood wanted to shitcan the session due to lack of problems.  But Look!  Here comes the medical malpractice tort reform donnybrook.  Legislators say the issue is too contentious and complicated to resolve in the course of the four week run.
  4. Ron Wyden was a little “stimulus” for infrastructure, as the imaginary money flows through Congress on its way straight over the edge of the world…
  5. Bad Driver! – No License! Dept.:  The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle office says it isn’t going to shield the names of police officers who allege someone is an unsafe driver.  At the outset, the DMV kept everyone’s name confidential in the mistaken belief that most people need anonymity to report a relative’s bad driving (Or suffer the consequences…)
  6. Seattle’s plan for its homeless population will probably do more harm than good.  (Not surprisingly, a lot of research clearly shows that providing housing for the chronically homeless costs less and produces better results that a mat on a shelter floor, a mug of cocoa and a talk with Jezus.
  7.  You Know Your Economy Is In Trouble When…Metal theft is out of control.  (Some people aren’t waiting around for the Chinese to just buy America and get it over with…)
  8. Tycoon Softoff, Bill Gates is in Davos, Switzerland this week telling the World Economic Forum that what we need is a ‘kinder, gentler’ sort of capitalism.
  9. Meanwhile, back in Seattle, court oversight of Microsoft’s market power – the result of a gigantic landmark antitrust suit – has been extended by 18 months.  Alp!
  10. Our shiny new Attorney General still isn’t sure exactly how legal waterboarding is – for that matter, Mukasey seems similarly hazy on just what constitutes torture.  (Criminey…Why are we even discussing this?  Just because something is “legal” does not make it morally acceptable.  So go ahead!  Make torture legal.  Just don’t fucking do it in my name to anyone, for any reason, anywhere, at any time.  Oh, and did I mention, even pro and semi-pro torturers say it doesn’t work…)
  11. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has gone and pissed off the Adult Toy manufacturers.  (The kind of adult toys that men drive through sensitive environmentally compromised regions of the state on weekends, is what I’m talking about.  Not the other kind.  My gawd…What were you thinking?)  Brown wants to regulate ATV emissions, lawnmowers, that sort of thing.  Hurray!  You won’t have to take your vibrator to the DEQ every year in order to stimulate your economy…)
  12. And universal healthcare too!  Wow, what a state to be in!
  13. First, Do No Harm  (And if you’re the VA , don’t do much of anything.)   An Illinois VA hospital is has been providing Iraq vets lethally “substandard.” care.
  14. Lucky for vets, what may at first have seemed like traumatic brain injuries (No doubt exacerbated by prolonged stays in VA hospitals…But that’s another story…) might be post-traumatic stress and depression.  (Be sure to check for massive bleeding in order to determine which one you have…)
  15. The Treasury Department is going to sell $22 billion dollars in debt  (To whom?  Gullible space aliens?)  in order to pay for this economic stimulus package.  Let’s see if I have this straight:  We, as a nation are in a Hole.  In order to escape said Hole, we are going to keep digging.  And you know what they say about Holes:  If you keep digging, you’ll get to China.
  16. Home foreclosures are up.  How far up?  Way up.  (So maybe we can all dig holes and live in them…)
  17. The Department of Energy is out to do a little foreclosing of its own:  For starters, it’s putting the kibosh on a new generation of emissions-free coal power plant that was slated to be built in Mattoon, a town in central Illinois.  Like so many good ideas – single-payer healthcare, not getting in fights with Iraqi factions, not supporting the Israeli war machine, changing underpants before getting hit by a bus – this one didn’t fly.  So now the state is scrambling to put the deal back together.
  18. The United Nations Security Council has given up trying to agree on a statement on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip brought on by the Israeli blockade.  (Note that the 15-memebr UN Security council has lost all credibility with the rest of the world because of its handling of the thornier global roses, Iran, Israel, and Hey, let’s not forget the good ol’ UsofA.)
  19. Getting Medieval:  The Israeli Supreme Court today upheld the government’s cutoff of fuel and electricity to Gaza – effectively laying siege to the territory in much the same way medieval knights laid siege to much of what got in their way.
  20. Rocking the Kasbah:  An Israeli panel investigating the conduct of the 20066 war against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon handed in its final report today and it is expected to “rock” Ehud Olmert’s government.  Bear in mind that it’s a fractious coalition one, at that.  And Olmert is not popular with Israelis in general.
  21. An Iraqi TV cameraman and his driver were killed in a bombing along the road north of Baghdad.  The US response?  “We’re going to push al-Qaeda out of Mosul, for good and ever.”  (Whewph!  I know I’ll sleep better…)
  22. Pakistan’s deposed Chief Justice, Iftikar Chaudrey, says president Pervez Musharraf is an “extremist general”  because he (Musharraf, that is.  Not Chaudrey.) sacked sixty of the nation’s top judges.  And because he has kept the Chaudrey family under house arrest for months now.  (But let’s get back to that “extremist general” bit.  Musharraf fired top prosecutors…Hmmm.  Let’s see if Bush tries to put Patrick Leahy & Family under…)
  23. Kofi Annan is off to Kenya to try to mediate between Kibaki and Odinga.  (Idea:  First round up all those clubs and machetes.

The IMF says this is the worst shape ‘monetary funds’ in general have been in for years. And it all leads back to American greed.



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