Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2012/08/27


August 27, 2012


Board members in attendance: Paula, Conch, Kate, Alicia, Michael, Lyn, Marc, Lisa (after vote)

Board members absent: Judy, Hadrian, Keller, Ben

Staff members in attendance: Lynn, Ani, Zale

Public members: ????


1. Ben's motion approved for new business as amended

6 in support

0 opposed

Motion carries


2. July Minutes approval

5 in support

0 opposed

1 abstaining

Minutes approved


3. Interim Manager's report

Spoke regarding fall fund drive strategies.  Fall fund drive will be on October 4-20

The development director is working closely with the membership director

On Sept 26-Greg Palast will be in Portland

Oct 25-Amy Goodman will be in town

KBOO has several new business partners

The interim manager is encouraging programmers to go out into the community

The interim manager is scheduling meetings with staff for information gathering purposes

The interim manager is looking to do staff evaluations in November & December

The staffing assessment will be done in January & February

Concern has been raised about whether Lynn can do both positions

She explained that she can and will


4. Nomination to appoint Lisa Loving to vacant board seat

Candidate speaks about her qualifications

It was noted that by filling a position now will allow training along with newly elected directors

Motion to table until new board

no second


Motion to appoint Lisa Loving to the seat effective immediately


4 in support

3 abstaining

Motion carries


5. KBOO/Common Frequency Update


Two questions for the board

1. Does the MOU accurately reflect what the board decided upon in the April meeting?

2. Does the board agree to allow nominal use of staff time, equipment, and postage in order to forward Chehalis-related documents and information between KBOO and Common Frequency.


Concern over the benefit to KBOO

Answer that if awarded, which could be imminent, KBOO could recoup costs spent by KBOO

Understanding that $8400 is guaranteed

MOU is an addendum to prior agreements


Motion: Does the board approve the new MOU as a reflection of what the board decided in the April board meeting?


5 in support

2 opposed

Motion carries


Motion: The board approves allowing nominal use of staff time, equipment, and postage in order to forward Chehalis-related documents and information between KBOO and Common Frequency.



6 in support

1 abstaining

0 opposed

Motion carries


6. Dissolution of staff collective


Motion: To officially dissolve the staff collective


6 in support

1 abstaining

0 opposed

Motion carries


7. FCC non-citizen rule

Suggestion that someone contact constituency services

Date for the "special meeting" would be Oct 21

Belief expressed that it should be called at the annual meeting

Response: Bylaws require 14 days notice for a special meeting.  Because we will not know whether we will need a special meeting until after the election, the board cannot call a special meeting prior to Sept 15

Question: would the next vote getter take the vacant seat

Answer: No because it would be a vacant seat to be filled by appointment.  The board can appoint the next highest vote getter.


8. Chief engineer job description

Interim is allowed to apply

Suggestion made that because the proposed budget includes 40 hours and because we are doing a staffing assessment that could affect the position that it be tabled


Staffing assessment recommendation should be to the board in February or March

Concern regarding budgeting for a full time engineer and other contractors

Full time engineer should not need the contract support

Suggestion to maintain the current structure with an eye towards the assessment and sustainability

Personnel/Governance Committee member noted that it simply advises the board and if the board chooses to put off until later, no worries


Concern over changing job description for a new hire

Motion tabled


9. Board led fundraising

We have 30 days to raise the money

We have raised $500

Judy sent around a letter

If we don't raise it, it will add $6000 to the deficit

Lynn encourages all to talk to her


10. Committee Reports

Finance Committee: midyear controllership-Paula will report on the review of the internal controls


Programming Committee: Listener surveys are being presented every other week

The committee is working on the rights and responsibilities of programmers


Personnel & Governance Committee: Much of the committee's work is on pause with the changes, assessments & consultants.

Engineering job description finalized.


Nominations Committee:

Annual Meeting is coming up on September 15 at People's Food Cooperative's Community Room. 

The committee will be counting the ballots this year and, if a recount is requested, a CPA has agreed to recount.  The CPA also approved of our election procedures.



Development Committee: A draft of fundraising plan has been presented to the committee.



9. New business-

Motion: To refer to the Personnel and Governance Committee to develop a conflict of interest policy for directors and staff

Concern that the committee has a conflict because it is staffed by staff who are conflicted

Suggestion made that it should go to a special committee

Observation made that we will be getting a policy revision over the next few months

Concern is that with budget approval in September, there could be conflicts on the board due to close relationships with staff who might be facing cuts.


Motion withdraw


Ajourned at 8:15


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