Life During Wartime on 10/24/12

Life During Wartime
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Wed, 10/24/2012 - 11:00pm - Thu, 10/25/2012 - 1:00am
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DIY Punk and Hardcore, live bands, and a weekly local shows listing for the Portland area

Life During Wartime (Music) with Host 10/24/2012 11:00PM to 01:00AM

11:00PM-11:01PM (1:25) The Diskords “Life During Wartime” from Blame it on the kids on Vinyl Warning (USA)

11:04PM-11:07PM (3:00) The Wipers “so young” from over the edge on braineater

11:07PM-11:10PM (3:00) The Cryin' Out Louds “Bloodhound” from Bloodhound (7 Inch, Single, Private) on Rip Off

11:10PM-11:13PM (2:30) Ratos de Porão “Pobreza” from Ao Vivo No Lira Paulistana (LP, Album, Private) on Nada Nada Discos (Brazil)

11:13PM-11:15PM (2:11) Gorilla Angreb “Aarrgghh!!” from Gorilla Angreb (CD, Album, Rock, 2006) on Feral Ward

11:15PM-11:18PM (2:45) National Guard “Jock Lover” from Star-Spangled Losers (7 Inch, EP, Private) on Smooth Lips Army Corps

11:18PM-11:21PM (3:00) Detestation “Gospel Fucker” from Detestation (LP, Album, Private) on Skuld (Germany)

11:21PM-11:23PM (2:00) Garotos Podres “Papai Nel Velho Batuta” from Mais Podres Do Nunca (LP, Album, Private) on Rocker (Brazil)

11:23PM-11:24PM (1:30) Amdi Peterson's Arme “Hardcore Del II” from Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt (7 Inch, EP, Private) on havoc (USA)

11:25PM-11:28PM (3:00) Tuxedo Moon “19th Nervous Breakdown” from Live At the Deaf Club on optional walking dead

11:28PM-11:29PM (1:00) Sacchrine Trust “Success and Failure” from Paganicons

11:29PM-11:33PM (3:21) Mekons “I'll have to dance on my own” from Fast

11:33PM-11:36PM (3:05) Blank Students “Background music” from Fast

11:36PM-11:39PM (3:00) Angst “Another Day” from Happy Squid

11:39PM-11:42PM (3:00) Plugz “Achin” from Fatima

11:42PM-11:45PM (3:00) Knock ups “Tracey Lea” from Super 8

11:44PM-11:46PM (2:00) Surrender “new monarchy” from Paper Thrones on Thrillhouse

11:46PM-11:48PM (2:30) Rubella Ballett “A Dream of Honey” from At the End of the Rainbow (1990) on Brave Records

11:48PM-11:51PM (3:00) Neon Piss “No There Here” from Neon Piss on Deranged

11:53PM-11:57PM (3:57) Hysteria “Silent Hate” from Life is a Joke Volume One on Weird System

11:57PM-11:59PM (2:30) Crude SS “Destroy Capitalism” from Killing For Nothing (2012) on Digital Uproar

12:07PM-12:11PM (4:14) The Mob “I Hear You Laughing” from No Doves Fly Here (7 Inch) on CRASS

12:14AM-12:17AM (3:08) Buzzcocks “Harmony In My Head” from Singles Going Steady (CD, Album, Rock, 1979) on EMI

12:20AM-12:23AM (2:59) The Cramps “Sado County Auto Show” from Flamejob (Rock, 1994) on Creation Records

12:23AM-12:26AM (2:36) Stiff Little Fingers “Suspect Device” from Inflammable Material (Rock, 2001) on Rough Trade

12:26AM-12:29AM (3:06) Sex Pistols “NEW YORK” from Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (Rock, 2012) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

12:29AM-12:30AM (1:30) Crime Desire “Submissive ID” from In Lucifer's Grip (7 Inch, EP, Private) on Life's A Rape (USA)

12:30AM-12:31AM (1:00) The Hunches “Fuck Disco Beats” from Fuck Disco Beats (7 Inch, EP, Private) on In The Red (USA)

12:31AM-12:32AM (1:00) Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers “New England” from modern lovers live (LP, Album, Private) on Beserkely

12:32AM-12:34AM (1:58) The Dead Milkmen “Violent School” from Big Lizard In My Back Yard (LP, Album, Private, 1985) on Ryko/Rhino

12:34AM-12:37AM (3:00) Terry Malts “Something About You” from Kiling Time

12:37AM-12:39AM (1:58) Coachwhips “Extinguish Me” from Bangers vs. Fuckers (2004) on Narnack Records

12:39AM-12:42AM (2:45) Jetsons “Suicdal Tendencies” from Killed By Death 9

12:42AM-12:44AM (2:00) Secret Hate “Deception” from Hell comes to house

12:44AM-12:46AM (2:00) Spoiled Brats “Kill the groupie” from Buttafucco Split

12:46AM-12:49AM (2:27) Cronic Sick “Crotch Rot” from Crotch Rot - Single

12:49AM-12:51AM (2:10) Blowdryers “Berkeley” from Berkeley (Single)

12:52AM-12:54AM (2:00) Hagar The Womb “What's Your Flag” from A Brighter Shade of Black on Mississippi Records

12:54AM-12:58AM (3:46) Killing Joke “War Dance” from Peel Sessions on bootleg (USA)

12:58AM-01:00AM (2:48) Kim Phuc “Yeti” from Copsucker (2011) on Iron Lung Records


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