A Deeper Look on 08/09/12

A Deeper Look
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Thu, 08/09/2012 - 9:30am - 10:00am
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Oregon's Premier Spy Center; The Urban Area Fusion Center

Fusion Centers, Have you heard of them? No-o-o not a new type of food cart or a place to blend teas. But Oregon does have 2 of them. They are Secret Surveillance Centers started by the Department of Homeland Security, "Fusing" intelligence gathered by local state and federal law enforcement and then helping to coordinate response. Paired with local Joint Terrorism Task forces, they try to keep their locations & their influence hidden but their impact is huge. Join Host Linda Olson-Osterlund,she’ll talk about the newest fusion center in Oregon.  Its location and its actions.

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Really? You must think KBOO listeners can’t read. The Urban Area Fusion Center located on the campus of The Clackamas Community College in Wilsonville was not a secret, you say & you can prove it. Not one of your cited sources mentions the existence or the location of the Urban Area Center at CCC. The ones that do mention a center in Oregon exclusively refer to the earlier established and publicly know, Salem Titan Fusion Center. This is a truly lame attempt to discredit my reporting.

It appears you failed to even listen to the show or you would have remembered that Chief Counsel for the Criminal Justice Division of the Oregon Dept. of Justice, Darin E. Tweedt asked me on behalf of Attorney General Rosenblum to not disclose the location. The existence & location was kept out of the eyes of the public for over 3 years.

My reporting is not a game of Gotcha. It is an attempt to bring transparency and accountability to our governments unconstitutional and secret surveillance of American citizens. Your whole letter is a misrepresentation and a pretty pathetic attempt to mislead the KBOO audience. No wonder you don’t identify yourself. Kind of embarrassing, huh?

To KBOO’s real audience: Thank you for your interest and  your support of my reporting. I have a point of view but I never purposely deceive you or mislead you about the facts. The stakes are too high in today’s world to play around with that kind of nonsense. I always look forward to your comments and corrections. We’re all in this together.

Yours in radio Linda Olson-Osterlund


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