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Sun, 11/04/2007

11/05/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Going Aggro:  We managed to stumble through the summer months on Day-light Savings Time.  The whole idea originally  was that during the summer months, farmers – which was most of us when the law passed – needed more time for farming.  And their children would be farming as well, thus needing less time for school.  That was then and this is now, and the time change causes everything from mental illness to car accidents in the stolidly non-agrarian 21st century.  (Here’s a thought:  When the oil’s all gone, it’ll be back to farming…That is if the American public hasn’t killed itself off in violent incidents related to auto-withdrawal and depression…).
  2. It’s the penultimate election day of a lackluster roll in the money loft.  It isn’t so much as follow the money as run faster if you want to stay ahead of the avalanche…
  3. Voters are staying home from the mailbox and the poles.  Turnout probably won’t even hit 40 percent.  Proving that it’s hard for most Americans to concentrate on issues when the money trail beckons:  Always so near yet so far.  I suggested before, Let’s split the campaign take and use half the funds spent so far on children’s health and the other half we use to pay developers to leave the state and never come back. They won’t mind:  They only came here to make a fast buck.  And the elderly landowners who don’t give a shit about preserving rural lands?  Up their meds.  Way up…
  4. Martha Odom brought in a week’s worth of activism.  In a nutshell:  Fir protestors keep on protesting;  In Oaxaca the Dead come home for dinner;  Immigrants keep dying for the rights;  There’s a Labor Arts Festival next Saturday;  Veterans – Armistice Day – is coming so get your anti-war sign and your gasmask polished up and ready to deploy. Cynthia McKinney will be in town next Monday.  There is work to be done.
  5. The Feds tried to burn the Tacoma Book Fair – metaphorically speaking.
  6. Fellow got beaten on a MAX train and now the mayor of Gresham, Shane Bemis  has sic-ed the police on the trains and transit malls to quash crime, drug-dealing and sticking wads of gum beneath the seats.  (Oh for the Rural Age when the youth of yesteryear were too exhausted from farm work to have the strength to rough up the elderly.)
  7. The Guv is tip-toeing through the tube worms.  Kulongoski wants a ‘Strategic Marine Reserve’ off the coast, without disturbing either wave turbines or crabbers – two mutually exclusive endeavors.  (But what the fuck is a “Strategic Marine Reserve” anyway?  Sounds suspiciously  like the ‘Strategic Petroleum reserve’.  Which sounds like Kulongoski is engaged in a delicate balancing act between business and the environment.  But in a sense, we all are…)
  8. The FCC is visiting Seattle – and they probably won’t be there for a cup of Starbucks.  It a hearing in theory,  only prior to rubber-stamping another level in the media consolidation free-for-all.
  9. With his ratings in the toilet – not to mention many of his GOP cronies, but for different reasons – president Bush is pulling out the veto, the ‘signing statements’ mad the ‘executive orders’.  It’s a legacy that won’t quit – if it ever begins…
  10. Arlen Spector, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, says he’s “bothered” by Michael Mukasey’s implied consent to torture.  But the AG appointment is a done deal.  The only reason there is any debate at all, is because when the dust settles, lawmakers are going to want to go record as having – at least – aired their misgivings.  And even if Democrats hold the parade up, Bush is still going to crown his latest Boy Wonder while you are still digesting a different sort of turkey.
  11. Alabama, Florida and Georgia are in the middle of a catastrophic drought.  (God, if you’re there, bring on the locusts before the 2008 presidential election…)
  12. Cargill had to recall its meat due to e. Coli contamination.  (This is Cargill, so bear in mind how very much worse the contamination could have been.  Bhopal on a bun, anyone?).
  13. While at the same time, the US wants to inspect Canada’s meat for e. Coli – just to show the world that Canadian bacon  makes you just as sick as American hotdogs.
  14. And in San Francisco, the Feds sifted through customer data collected by San Francisco grocery stores and cafes that sold Middle Eastern food, searching for leads on secret Iranian terror circles – an some damn good falafel.  (For the record, the program was shut down on grounds that terrorism is no laughing matter….)
  15. Over-Achievers Anonymous:  Over the Saturday and Sunday n General/president Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law.  What did you do on your  weekend?
  16.  All that muscles-flexing called for the arrest and detention of more than 500 activists.  (Many, many more, is my guess…).  And less than 24 hours after the order was issued, militants in the Afghan border region freed 211 captured Pakistani soldiers in exchange for 28 insurgents.  There’s always going to be winners, losers and those who simply read the pape3rs and mow the lawn…
  17. Balkanized:  Talks resume on the final shape of Serbia. 
  18. Elections in Lebanon had to be delayed while the CIA and the Israeli Mossad get their ducks in a row…just kidding! They needed time to allow for pro- and anti-Syrian groups to find a compromise candidate to succeed Emile Lahoud – a man well outside the winners circle in Washington…
  19. Guatemalan elections came around as well, leaving Center-leftist, Alvaro Colom way out front of the of the execrable General Perez Molina, Cold Warrior in the Kingdom of Big Bananas…
  20.  In Mexico, the flooding has displaced a million people – who were not exactly living large before the rains came.
  21. And even the Europeans have adopted stringent new security measures for airline  passengers  similar to the ones imposed by the post 9/11 junta here in the UsofA.  (No doubt the European idea is to kick Americans off planes heading for EU countries.  That and the e. Coli threat…)



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